Wednesday, September 16, 2009

craigslist baron von slangingheimer

reporting for duty.

i've been slanging mad shiz on craigslist - it's been pretty lucrative. it's all about finding that sweet spot - pricing it low enough to stimulate a lot of interest so that you can pit prospective buyers against each other, but also high enough so that you have room to grow in the negotiations and don't end up getting shortchanged.

it's looking increasingly likely that our dreams of having the place painted before we move in are of the when-pigs-fly variety. we've "managed expectations" down from painting the entire house, to just the upstairs, to one room, to maybe the baseboard on the main floor if we're lucky (and even that's not likely). it's extremely cheering to talk to people who've done it before though. we met some of our neighbours last night - one of whom had their house rented for TWENTY FIVE YEARS prior to them taking possession. he's been working on it off and on (doing the work himself) for 3 years and only now is it up to snuff - so our little mice/roach problem isn't so bad.

that's the kind of stuff that warms the cockles of a fixer-upper's heart. to know that everyone else is in the same boat. we all gazed adoringly at the house across from all our properties that sold for half a million - the whole street worships that house's selling price like an idol and is counting on the residual warmth of that considerable appreciation to warm us when our spirits flag during renovation, dust-filled lungs hell. neighbour guy told us about showering with a hose rigged up in the basement draining into the floor drain - stories like that are THE BEST! they make you realize that despite the rude comments of tactless schmoes - you DIDN'T buy the only lemon in the fruit basket.

i'm totally stoked about halloween this year. it's a shame, because we've been invite to our friend H's tarantino-themed halloween party in cleveland. he's my mom's gradeschool friend's son and he's THE BEST. i mentioned him a while ago when s-dawg, the dotytron, c-hova and i met him for the first time and were like flabbergasted that ONLY NOW were we meeting kids of my mom's friends that were actually cool and not like, future doctors of america or something. one time we went for dinner with my mom's doctor friend whose five year old child played mental chess, had his kids enrolled in u of t's school for gifted children, AND who selected all the books his daughter read. when he found out what we did for a living (at the time i was a cook) he turned to my mom and said, "mama lagerfeld, do you ever worry about your children's futures?" - what a jerk! anyway, H and his gf A are the bomb. the tragic thing is that they live in CLEVELAND and we're just adding to the list of amazing people we know who for some inexplicable reason insist on living far away from us (i'm looking at you, kdubsguelph).

the dotytron's been talking up my pumpkin carving skills to the neighbs - i'm a little worried. i know what i'm doing this year, but still - it's a whole new audience. there's actually going to be kids out trick or treating! so exciting!!! i'm going to make a felt banner - i already bought all these orange-brown patterned fabric scraps ... i'm thinking something like this:

but obviously a zillion times cuter. i'm going to hang it on the front of our enclosed porch.

this weekend was ram jammed. so much fun! we went to the fundraising ball my mum does every year (usually we look after my sister's kids) and sat at the same table as sdawg and my sis and outlaw bro and H and A and this random couple that we promptly scared off with our drunken obnoxious antics. the night before, when i was picking out what i was going to wear, i pulled this crazy silver sequined number from the back of my closet. i wasn't going to wear it, but the dotytron said that nothing says "ball" like silver sequins so i went for it:

i basically looked like a human disco ball. i gotta say, it looked pretty fly with a kicky, mod high ponytail and dramatic eyes. here are some shots of the evening:

matchy matchy!

H (aka asian farrakhan) and A

sdawg and his friend L

my sis and outlaw bro

the evening culminated in us all storming the loose moose (the traditional after-ball watering hole) - which was empty - and watching UFC repeats and singing "living on a prayer" at the top of our lungs to the dismay and chagrin of the assembled staff.

then we all hit the hot house cafe for brunch the next day, which is another tradition. met up with dr. rei and hanbo. dr. rei, i hate to say, is an AYCE buffet n00b. the first thing she put on her plate was crab salad! CRAB SALAD!

after that we headed home, whereupon we found that the cats had thrashed their food bowls. i bought them 2 nice ceramic water bowls and 2 nice ceramic food bowls, but the dotytron had forgotten to feed them the night before, so they had knocked them over, tossed the tray upon which their bowls rest halfway across the kitchen, AND knocked over the tin that holds their cat food (the lid stayed on). it was quite a dramatic feat - mostly because that tin was almost full, which is like 5 lbs of dry kibble. then we discovered that SMUDGIE HAD GONE MISSING. we couldn't figure out when/how it had happened until we saw that there was a HOLE in the window screen in the bedroom. so basically the little bugger saw something outside, went apeshiz and TORE A HOLE in the screen chasing after it. so we spent an hour crawling the neighbourhood, going into people's backyards, shouting "smudgieeeeeee!!!!!!!" at the top of our lungs.

then i cried. i love that cat. if it was boddington, sure - no biggie. but smudgie is the best cat to ever walk the earth. he's so soft! and so handsome! and so debonair!

then we decided that we might as well go to canadian tire and do our errands and then come back at night and look again. just as we're stepping out the door - guess who comes sauntering in like he doesn't have a care in the world? the smudge. the prevailing theory is that smudge and boddington ran out of food, things got desperate, and smudge went on a mission to rustle up some grub, leaving his weaker counterpart (el stupido, boddington) to hold down the fort.

sunday night we had dinner at the dotytron's sis' pad. she's so grown up now! it's the cutest thing ever. she's grown into herself so much in the last little while - it's incredible. we had delicious bean and corn chile, a lovely romaine salad with capers and artichoke hearts, and this awesome appetizer of peach salsa with brie on baguette that i'm totally ripping off. followed by a mint tart and a raspberry tart from the queen of tarts.

i wish we could have stayed longer but we were wiped from killing an ENTIRE bottle of industrial-strength bleach cleaner on our kitchen that afternoon. so many mouse poops! so many dried carapaces of cockroaches past! *shudder* i don't understand how people LIVE like that. it's one thing to have a roach or mouse problem - heck, it's happened to everyone. but to LIVE like that??? how does that happen? how are you okay with that?

monday night we had a quickie dinner of perogies with onions, bacon, sour cream, and sautéed zucchini from the momma and poppa d's friends' farm.

tuesday night i made us a black bean and kidney bean chili with corn bread and avocado schmoo and sour cream.

tonight we ate leftovers and then hit up home depot to spend buckets on painting supplies, which included home depot emblazoned jaunty painting caps (impulse buy!)

roll call of awesome/my fair lil' ugmo:

mobiles! i'm currently obsessed with integrating vertical space into the design of the rooms in lil' ugmo - i think one or another of the above options is definitely going to be occupying a quiet corner or two. the top one is from etsy seller royalbuffet and the middle one is from frazier & wing - i ADORE their stuff. i love the sophisticated colour combinations. the last one is a diy wedding (but really, pom pom vines can certainly be employed for non-nuptial decorative ends) tutorial from oncewed.

blanca gomez prints. when i have a bit of extra flush, i'm going to get the top one, entitled "bang!" from poster cabaret.

this dress. this shirt. squeal!!!

this and this style of light fixtures. i love old fashioned looking ceiling mounted lights. love them.

i also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the firefly pendant lamp from cb2. if i have my way - this will be our dining room lighting, on a dimmer - so we can get a range of light. ideally, if i was going to be a big energy wasting hog, i'd put traditional filament bulbs in there, but ultimately i know my conscience won't let me - a red spectrum compact fluoro will have to do.


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