Friday, August 07, 2009


it's been a whirlwind 4 days at home, lemme tells ya.

tuesday after work was all about laundering, cleaning, putting things away, and getting things together for our 20 day vacation coming up. it's crazy! because the plan is NOT to come home-home between disney and hawaii and impose on the good graces of A & C and use their spare bedroom as home base, we had to pack for both trips simultaneously, with the idea of leaving some stuff that's earmarked ONLY for hawaii at A & C's so we can do a swap when we come back from disneyworld. hectic!

the problem is that hawaii has SO MANY climates represented that depending on our activities for the day and where on the island we'll be, it's going to be a crap shoot what we'll be wearing/requiring.

there are worse issues to be dealt, i know.

tuesday dinner was lovely. i took some thin slices of pancetta, crisped them in a pan and removed them to drain. then i took some portobello mushrooms, skinned them, sliced them thick and sautéed them in the rendered pancetta fat with a few fat cloves of roasted garlic, seasoning them liberally with pepper and stringently with salt. i took two ace bakery rosemary focaccia rolls (my new favorite all-purpose sandwich bun - adjudicated solely on the basis of the scattering of sea salt flakes that graces their cherubic tops), split them in half, and layered on the pancetta and then the garlicky portobello mushrooms. i fried two eggs over-medium and put those on top and served this glorious sandwich with a rustic greek salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, and kalamata olives with chunks of greek feta. sooo good and a welcome vegetal-laden respite after my geneseo excesses (i think there was lettuce on my aunt cookie's sub and after that point, i draw a blank on verdant items i consumed).

wednesday we worked and then had dinner with the ex roomie at king park, which is fast becoming my new favorite restaurant. they had the rotisserie going in full force so we had lamb AND the spit roasted pork - both of which were succulent with crunchy flakes of salt and redolent of oregano and melting lamb/pork fat. divine. their onion rings are also the stuff of legends and i absolutely ADORE their "village salad" (think your standard greek salad without the lettuce and with the addition of green peppers) that comes topped with a thick slab of feta for your to break off into creamy shards as your desire.

after that, we headed down to the rex to see our buddy A's band, the AG:6 play for the last time (A's heading to NYU to study under the likes of john scofield. you know, that hackjob. it's not like he's one of the lions of jazz guitar or anything. no biggie). A is spectacularly talented and while i will miss our couch-driven ruminations on life and love and culture, i'm unselfishly willing to loan him to nyc for the purposes of furthering his compositional ambitions and my own new york/brooklyn couch-surfing ones.

that was a late night! it was a nice reunion of the dotytron's jazzamatazz crew.

last night i booked it home from work, we met with our NEW lawyer (points in her favour: 1) she seems to know what she's doing; 2) no visible evidence of wonderland excursions; 3) she has an actual office space with different rooms. emphasis on the plural). after a reassuring visit we headed out to dodgeball and then met up with our friend S after dodgeball for some post-dodgeball dinner at the golden turtle and ice cream at the big chill. i like her...she's super nice and funny and talking to her is easy.

see? it's been a social whirlwind! and i've been filling every spare moment with tying up loose ends, sending a million copies of documents/identification/itinerary iterations to far flung corners of the world, and otherwise preparing for the closing day/contractor maelstrom that will greet us upon our return. yikes! taxing! we've vowed not to let this ruin our vacation though. we're going to relax and rejoice in every minute (not that we're the types to let outside stuff really affect our downtime anyway).

tonight we're meeting up with our friend P and the roomie and l'army who are all going on a temagami camping trip together. P has generously offered to give us a ride to A & C's house tonight. i had planned on depriving myself of sleep so that i can show up at A & C's at like, 9pm and then conk out because our airport taxi is picking us up at 4:30am. the forethought wasn't necessary. we've been so busy with all of the above that i'm lucky if i've gotten 5 hours of sleep a night all week.

there'll be mega-posts aplenty upon my return, stuffed to the gills with photos of me and my beloveds cavorting with animatronics (my favorite), characters, rides, and whatever else the disney "imagineers" can conjure. followed by even MORE photos of the dotytron and i in search of exotic fruits, loco moco, white sand beaches, sea turtles, "point break" surfing prowess, mountaintop sunsets, and volcanic activity. what i'm hoping to avoid: poi (i hate taro).


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