Monday, August 31, 2009

what did we do?

hey, remember that time we bought a hideous house? hey, remember that time we knocked a hole in the wall only to discover that the plaster is STUCK ONTO THE BRICK and there's no strapping behind it so our dreams of an exposed brick wall are of the pipe variety? hey, remember that time we took some trim off the wall only to have a cockroach fall out?

we made a horrible mistake.


p.s. closing day ends up being a lot less climatic than you think. you show up at the lawyer's office and you get a set of keys. that's IT. considering that i was sitting on pins and needles all day waiting for the bank to cotton onto the fact that i borrowed from my line of credit to make up the difference on the down payment, it was a lot less dramatic than i had anticipated.

p.p.s. hey, remember that time we overpaid for a hovel?

1 comment:

dr. rei said...

ack! don't worry, just clean the eff outta the place, get an exterminator and seal up every nook and cranny before you move in! you guys will make a swan out of lil ugmo!!!