Sunday, August 30, 2009

the no.1 song from the lagerfeld and dotytron family singers

number 1 in the sense that this tune is the one we duet to the most, due to a number of factors, including but not restricted to:
a) the song is 10 different kinds of amazing
b) i know all the words
c) it's in my range and i can sing it fairly well
d) the dotytron can harmonize anything

we got back really late from the party and played youtube videos and sang along to them until we fell asleep. the party was so filled with love. being surrounded by love and family and friends is actually kind of exhausting. we were there from 3 to about 10 and it's just a whirlwind of talking, catching up, opening presents (which i had to do in front of people, which wasn't bad, i guess...more on that later), eating bite sized foods (a task to which i set myself with dedication and verve) and cupcakes, and kissing on both cheeks. we rarely see all the dotytron's family (pater and mater's side) all together more than once a year and the phenomenal thing about weddings is how it brings people together and how heartfelt people's well wishes are (for the most part).

i was surprised by how wiped out i was. i think when you talk so much you use up a lot of oxygen and your body gets deprived or something.

anyway, we sang along to "more than words" when we got home and played every song by chicago that we knew. the combination of peter cetera & david foster is a magical, magical thing.

the end result of all the food swirling in my belly and the tiredness was THE BEST DREAM OF ALL TIME. i dreamed that extreme were my roommates! lol! the house setup was pretty much the same and it felt very normal. like, i was living my normal life except in one room, extreme would be practicing "play with me" and nuno bettencourt took $5 from the grocery funds to buy something random and i had to lecture him (which is actually very normal for me, the odd part is the person receiving the lecture). i was like, "the grocery fund is NOT an ATM. and if you take $5, just keep the change and put $5 back in." lol!!! lecturing nuno bettencourt is one of the funniest things i've ever done in dreamland.

i forgot to mention that on friday, something hilarious happened when we were chatting with dr. rei. dr. rei talks a LOT of smack based on half-cocked, muddled ideas of how she thinks something is (ie. writing off the continent of africa). ANYWAY, a while ago she had expressed that she doesn't like the song that she refers to as, "take a load off annie" and which other people call by its title, "the weight". i think this is one of the best songs ever written, so we tried to convince her otherwise at the time and she said something about how it's a drag and did this horrible impression of the chorus. so, the other night, as she's lying on our couch trying to not rub her eyes after petting our cats, she says, "hey guys, remember how i said i don't like 'take a load of annie'? i actually do" to which i interjected with a tart, "of course you do, YOU IDIOT." lol!!!

this song is also fantastic:

we heard this in the car today and the dotytron was like, "i love the ship metaphor." if you listen to the chorus, it goes like this:

and i can't fight this feeling anymore
i've forgotten what i started fighting for
it's time to bring this ship into the shore
and throw away the oars, forever

the best is how they continue the ship metaphor with the "throw away the oars, forever." lol! the idea of someone hucking their oars (forever) is some damned funny imagery.

today i went to dr. rei's mostly irani shower. i was the only person there whose name didn't end with an h. lol! seriously, it was all irani and me. it was lovely and fun and i felt so welcomed by her family. i love getting close with the family of friends. it adds a whole new layer to your relationship. i like how those generational divides start to break down and the lines between family and friends start to blur.

anyway, i realized what makes me feel awkward about opening gifts in front of people. it's really hard, in the moment when you're opening that gift, to express how grateful you feel for the other person's generosity and imbue it with sufficient sincerity. when you're opening gifts one after another, it becomes kind of difficult to individualize the experience of receiving a gift and convey how truly special that gift is. does that make sense? it's a little easier when it's all gifts. but when it's gifts plus some people giving money, it's really difficult to be effusive enough given how generous people can be. i'm not saying like you have to like, fake it. i'm more saying that it's hard to focus on that person and make them aware of how touched you are before another equally generous gift is being pressed into your hands to open.

and with that, i'm out. tomorrow is closing day! day! ay! y! *echo effect* i took a 1/4 day off of work in the afternoon, just in case the bank realizes that we went on a hawaiian vacation and are terribly irresponsible and therefore, undeserving of their magnanimous loan.

cross your fingers!


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