Thursday, July 02, 2009

i'm on a streak!

first the cookie bake off and now, today me and my partner won the work lunchtime bocce tournament! we beat the undefeated team! it was amazing! i won last year too which makes me a two-time champion. AND our prize was $60 EACH! considering that after the driving range i had all of $3 in my wallet that i was going to try to ride out until my next paycheque (next thursday) it was quite the welcome boon. the adrenaline was pumping and i played a pretty good game. probably my best this whole tourny. previously, my partner had been carrying me.

yesterday was fun in a bun as they say. and by "they" i mean a certain miss S mckay. against the odds, the weather cooperated like how so hanbo, dr. rei, the dotytron and i went to beach fairways driving range and hit a large bucket of balls each. i did pretty good! so good that i'm hungry for more and i'm going to try to convince the dotytron to head out again on sunday afternoon. i'd say that i was happy with about 30% of the balls i hit in terms of straightness and distance. 50% were clunkers and 20% were outliers (i guess 20% is a pretty high outlier percentage...can you still be an outlier at 20%? good question, huh?) my goal is to be the only woman on the LPGA tour with rented clubs. that's what i aspire to.

then we headed home and ate chips and gossiped and then H et famille came over and then bwong and we had burgers and strawberry pie and drank sangria and then trooped on over to withrow park to watch the fireworks. i never got to do that stuff growing up. well...i did, but the fireworks displays were at disney. i remember one year when i was really young living in thornhill, the neighbourhood did some kind of street fireworks on canada day or something, but then we moved to estate housing and there just isn't the same neighbourhood-y spirit. it's kind of important to me to participate in these kinds of things. i can almost always hear like a wonder years-type narration going on as i stand in the dark with my friends and loved ones watching bats circling overhead and the distant laughter of kids and muted applause from adults punctuated by the shriek, pop, and boom of the fireworks. there's something kind of bakhtin carnival-witching hour about it all...teenage kids splayed out on the playground equipment, cars going by with the windows opening blasting tunes, people out past their bedtime. it's where memories and tradition are forged into nostalgia and as we all know, i'm highly susceptible to nostalgia's siren song.

i even like cleaning up after a party. half-heartedly packing leftover food away, lining up wine glasses on the counter, piling dishes in the sink, debriefing in hushed, sleepy tones with the dotytron over whether and how "that went well" or (hopefully) didn't. it's nice to bring people together and sit and talk and laugh in the waning light of dusk as your tableside neighbour becomes a little more indistinct and shadowed with each passing minute.

tonight the dotytron made pesto and we had it over boiled cheese tortellini. it was a thrify housewife meal. then we went and subbed in on a dodgeball game. then i came home and baked little ze a VERY SPECIAL birthday cake befitting a 3 year old fat chinaman. the main item on the agenda this coming weekend is to hang with my niece and nephew and watch "public enemies" i'm the only one in the family who hasn't seen "transformers" i care not. i really really really love the SOUND in "transformers," especially the sounds of stuff exploding and the low low sonic boom bass rumble and the sound they make when they transform, but i don't feel like sitting through the whole plausibility stretching interminable movie for those small pleasures.

i will say though, i think i'm a meghan fox fan. i've read a few interviews with her and she's kind of awesomely unscripted and self aware. she says all kinds of things she's not supposed to say like how she's only cast in movies where all she has to do is look hot and how she likes it cuz it takes the pressure off from her actually having to act. she seems pretty on the level and clear-eyed about her role in hollywood and i find that refreshing that she's not so edited and lobotomized to say it.

tomorrow is one of my grandma's textbook birthday party banquet gongshows. we're heading up to markham for the weekend. back on sunday. hopefully we can squeeze in a round at the driving range before heading to the roomie's pad for dinner. i have a sneaking suspicion that if the weather isn't nice she's making us spaghetti in tomato sauce. that's her go-to. it's a ground beef sauce with cut up onions, peppers, and canned tomatoes. just between you and me, i feel like she could probably make something better. it's not like she can't cook! it's just her default dish. i feel like i'm kind of past the point of eating hunt's tomato sauce spaghetti when i go over to people's houses who aren't like, 21. order in! or at least like, OWN IT. get everyone a hungry man dinner or something. don't be a halfway crook about it.


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