Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oooh, i forgot to mention

that one of my work girls got me THIS as a prezzie:

it's this crazy japanese mascara that doesn't PAINT your lashes, it ENCASES EACH ONE IN A TUBE. so that no matter how much crying, eye-scrunching, WHATEVER you do, that shiz is going nowhere! you can't even rub it off with makeup remover! you have to gently squeeze along your lashes and supposedly (according to my friend, M) it feels like you're pulling your lashes off but what's left are the little tubes that had been surrounding them.

check it out:

(click on the link to see the video). G & M both SWEAR by the stuff. it made their lashes SO THICK on their wedding days (they both wore on their respective big days because of the no-coming-off factor!) and no smudges!

so pumped to try this!


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