Saturday, July 25, 2009

m.i.a. x 2!

what the-? am i off blurging? no. just mad busyface and life insists on kicking me in the 'nads.

to wit: today, while baking one of the THREE cakes i'm making for the performance, during one of the now increasingly de rigeur, global-warming-initiated, toronto torrential rainstorms, the dotytron came home, went downstairs and started screaming his little pin head off. whyfor? BECAUSE OUR BASEMENT WAS HAD FILLED WITH AN INCH OF WATER. mayhap i should now mention that OUR BEDROOM AND 99% OF OUR WORLDLY POSSESSIONS ARE IN THE BASEMENT?!?? oy vey. luckily, the floor in the basement isn't even so there are high spots and low spots. the area outside our bedroom had 2 inches of water, but we don't keep anything there except for some metro shelving for our linens and the litterboxes for the cats. the floor in the bathroom also dips down and also was covered in 2 inches of water that was creeping its way into our bedroom and under our bed. PURE CHAOS! i didn't even know what to do. i placed a frantic call to our perpetually beleaguered landlord who gave me his trademark heavy sighs and then called me back with instructions to buy a shop vac ("make sure it's a good one") and vacuum up the water - he's going to reimburse me for the shop vac.

so we went to ever-trusty home depot and grabbed a shop vac. for the record: shop vacs are amazing. they're miracles of modern engineering. it made short work of what had been a daunting task comprised of equal parts: bailing into a bucket with two sour cream containers; sponging up a teaspoon of water at a time with our oft-abused and cheap mop and wringing it into another bucket; and holding back heaving waves of vomit at the dust-bunny, hair, and dried insect carapace slurry pooling at our ankles.

the good news is: i've baked 2 of my cakes and they're safely enshrouded in a saran sarcophagus and sitting in cryo. i also did some packing and finished the pillow for our grillz-bearer. i also went and got a pedi with dr. rei at urban nails. they were insanely busy and i was told that my polish was dry and to slide my pampered tootsies into birkenstocks before the enamel had fully hardened. result? i gouged a chunk of polish out of my big toe. now i have to go BACK and get this shiz fixed tomorrow. ag! the positive thing is that through the help of dr. rei, i've figured out my makeup situation for the big day. dr. rei is much better at being a girl than i am. well, i'm really good at the clothes and styling part, not so good at the hair and makeup part. let's just say that liquid liner works miracles. the looks is pretty cute...very 50s and subdued. now all that remains is the hair question - fat curls/waves or stick straight? my hairpiece is kind of intense, but dr. rei is a big fan of soft waves on me.

things are chugging along at a healthy clip. now we're doing recording sessions and final mastering and tomorrow we have to bang out another track for the cd.

last night was fun! my friend lives in a crazy condo complex at front and spadina. parking was IMPOSSIBLE. however, guess what we saw en route to A's place that made last night the most MAGICAL NIGHT IN ALL OF EXISTENCE?


a groundhog! in the city! how crazy is that? look at how fat he is! it's a quasi-miracle.

my offerings were a big hit at the bbq. especially the peanut butter pie, which always makes people go mental. in other news...i think last night was the first time i've been somewhere where the number of people who DON'T like deviled eggs outnumbered the people who do. i've actually never been ANYWHERE where my deviled eggs weren't met with fawning appreciation. it was a little unsettling, i'm not gonna lie.

"(500) days of summer" was a mediocre trifle. some cute elements, some genuinely funny moments, but overall unmemorable and a little to self-assuredly winsome even for me - and for a long time there zooey was my style icon and i LOVE winsome! but this was too much. it's about a relationship between tom and summer and as the officious meta-narrator explains: theirs is not a love story. tom is a hopeless romantic and summer not quite. the good points of the film were the WARDROBE. oh my! zooey's wardrobe was TO DIE FOR. all prim sleeveless blouses vaguely reminiscent of the 50s with full tailored pants (so katherine hepburn!) for the office or circle skirts for play, a blue ribbon in her jaunty, swingy ponytail
like a dark-haired, blue eyed betty from riverdale. eeks. i wanted everything she wore.

the story was a bit trifling - purporting to show all the messy bits from a failed relationship. the soundtrack that's garnered so much press was a bit intrusive, you could just tell how clever they thought they were being with their choices. the whole thing reeked of precociousness which was off-putting. i've read reviews that critique summer for being too much of a cipher - but i think that's the point. the film is mostly played out from tom's perspective and a great deal of it is about how he projected onto her - and how you always project onto this idealized girl/boy/etc. of your dreams. the film makes zooey deschanel very alluring in her zooey-ness. i don't know how much longer she can ride this schtick out for - can you be that dewy and curlicue girlish at 40? how is she going to grow out of it? summer is the girl that every urbanite or small town/suburbanite secretly covets. into "cool" music, funny, dry, game.

it was fine, just very predictable. i'm not sure that i would recommend paying full price for it.

it makes you want to be alluring though. oh, how i wish i was as alluring and delicious as zooey deschanel! i expressed as much to the dotytron and he told me that i WAS alluring - in a better way, even. i mean, i guess? if you consider the jabbering, crass, f-bombs dropping, awkward question asking, prickly pear stuffing her face with deviled eggs at the party and talking with her mouth full type alluring. ha. seriously, my signature party move is to blunder into asking someone a seemingly innocuous question that ends up being about the most awful part of their life and then to talk about how much i love deviled eggs and draw attention to the fact that **I** brought them to the party. what a shy, demure peach i am!

dinner tonight was stuffed eggplant with garlic bread on the side. tasty and the needed respite from what ended up being a hellish day. yes, i did pick that entire sheet of burnished provolone off the eggplant and roll it up like a cigar and eat it thusly. you would have done the same. while we're at it, yes, i did end up eating the steak gristle off of everyone's plate. so sue me!

my fair lil' ugmo - living room edition:

k, i think we're in the market for a new couch. i had been coveting these models from style garage (a local toronto company):

but they are priced for lawrence park royalty. seriously! the bottom one STARTS at $3000! my sister got the world's comfiest couches from raymour and flanagan for like, $800. hers are GIANT and squishy! me and the dotytron can both lie down on the full size couch without touching. s-dawg can hide BEHIND the back cushions with someone lying on the couch and be undetectable during a game of hide and seek! plus, i've come to realize that tufting is not your friend. some tufting yes. excessive tufting, no. tufts are ground zero for pet hair and crumb collection. they're the capacious belly buttons of the sofa world. not good.

crate and barrel's petrie sofa has taken the design world by storm. every blogger and their twitterer (see what i did there?) has one and sings its praises. it's still pricey though.

this little beaut from eq3 is the one i'm gunning for. sleek, cute, affordable (less than a grand) and with cute stubby wooden legs. i'll have to take a seat on 'er to see how she holds up...but right now, that's the front runner. in a nice, dark, inky grey (the better to camouflage cat hair).

we've pretty much decided on paint colours...white trim and accents, most rooms will have pale, pale grey walls with 1 wall a bold colour - teal, plummy purple, citron. the dining room is going to be a grey-blue, my craft room/office is going to be a pale turquoise/sea green with orange accents.

i'm pumped! too bad we got to run the gauntlet before that stuff happens.


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