Thursday, July 16, 2009

i leave 'em froze like

her-on in your nose - nas, "it ain't hard to tell"

a few recent examples of me being a confused little chicken. nas' "it ain't hard to tell" playing in captain save a hoe. me, listening carefully to the lyrics and finally cluing in after hearing this song at least 25 times in my life, to the dotytron: "ohhhhh, is it 'her-on' as in 'heroin'?"
dotytron: "ummm, yeah"
me: "cuz i thought it was, 'i leave 'em froze like [gil scott] heron in your nose'" dotytron: *explosive laughter*

on our scarborough vacation we came across this sign:

me: "one can get 50% off? so you may or may not?"
the dotytron: "no, you freak, BUY ONE CAN, GET THE OTHER ONE 50% OFF" lol!

yesterday was fun...we went for dinner at the ex-roomie's place. she "made" (ordered) pizza. our friend I is visiting from montreal and we hadn't even seen the roomie's new pad yet. it's super nice! she seems really settled and happy. after dinner, we went to ed's real scoop in leslieville. i found it kind of pricey there. their regular is like, $4 after tax, for only 1 scoop. greg's is $3.25 (plus tax) but the regular gives you TWO scoops. the ice cream was pretty good. they have gelato and ice cream. the gelato is displayed in the bountiful euro tourista style, all overflowing-swirly-erupting from their containers in a garish, fecund, orgy. i'm not a fan of that style. i prefer the more restrained, hoity-toity, clinical, hushed canister style favoured by grom in florence. the flavours at ed's were okay - the fruit ones better than the nut/chocolate ones.

we followed that up with "harry potter and the half blood prince"


i thought this movie was pretty good, but to resort to a cliché so tired and well-worn that it's practically vapour, the book was better. the film as a film lost the mark a little bit. there was way too much emphasis on the snogging and teenage hormones and not enough to give the events of the novel traction. my friend K had read reviews that dismiss this installment as a placeholder for the final two installments of "deathly hallows." this does an egregious disservice to the source material which was compelling in the EXTREME. it's one of my favorites in the WHOLE series! there's so much set up, but for all this movie would have you believe, it's really just about young love.

in this i might be a little biased - i never thought the harry-ginny weasley thing was the good call (are you accusing me of wanting some minority flavour all up in this shiz with some cho chang love? you're 10% right.) i just never felt that their relationship felt real or compelling or believable, unlike ron and hermione, who make so much sense you're surprised they weren't betrothed at birth.

in the book the last few chapter's events are so full of action that it's a confusing whirlwind - you don't know who is where doing what - there's chaos at hogwart's! i remember having to re-read the chapters just to sort out the sequence of events, because there were a lot of things happening concurrently - draco, the confrontation, snape's betrayal, the breaching of hogwart's, etc. the film sucks all the tension and instability out of it, plowing through to the foregone (for the readers') conclusion with a grim, plodding, rote cadence that robs the climax of its' dramatic propulsion. it's really unfortunate. also, a lot of the book had to do with harry's conflict with his principal father figure, dumbledore. there was a lot of resentment there and teenaged chafing at dumbledore's oblique guidance - the movie does away with that. what you're left with is not a lot of action packed into a very long film, with an almost interminable middle act based on unrequited love and lust and misdirected affections. also, not enough build-up of the half blood prince stuff.


so many movies coming out that i want to see!

i want to see still -

the hangover
2012 (obviously i know this is going to be terrible)
district 9
public enemies (renter)
paper hearts (!!!!!!! TWEEEEEEEEEEEE)
(500) days of summer (!!!!!!!!!!! INDIE BAIT!)
where the wild things are (!!!!!!!!! all of the above!)
inglourious basterds

tonight i played dodgeball and then we went to burger shoppe quality meats for post-game eats. i had the riverside burger (onion ring, bacon, bbq sauce, regular fixings). it's a 6oz patty cooked medium (aka well done) for $9. i also split a poutine. the poutine was decent. my tablemate ordered the pulled pork poutine which was WAY better.

the decor in the place is really nice...kind of bluegrass country-modern. worn wooden tables that are super sturdy and thick with some nice lines and fantastic lighting fixtures. overall i'm not sure that i'd be running out of my way to go back for the burgers but the food was aight overall. it's decent and an okay price.


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