Monday, July 27, 2009

*grabby hands* x 111110100000

last night's gambol down vinyl memory lane ended up being very fun. we've given up on cataloguing our stuff on discogs for the time being and instead we divvied up the work thus: i would sit on the floor, pull out stacks of my records and file them into "keep" and "iffy/don't remember - requires another listen" and the dotytron would play the iffy/don't remember ones with me barking "forward! back! other side!" directions for the needle. i need surprisingly little time with a track to get a sense if i want to keep it or not.

things i love the most: amens. all kinds. 808s. all kinds. it's a pretty simple formula, really. occassionally i'd pass him something like "tudor rose" or "walk wid your friends" (shouts out to all the massif who know what i'm talking about) and feign like i didn't remember what it sounded like just to hear them again. i haven't touched my records in a dog's age. i'd like to get another turntable and a mixer again. playing records is fun.

stuff on the chopping block was a lot of my indeterminate atmospheric drum'n'bass with the faux jazzy/nature stylings and most of the indeterminate noise/breakcore type stuff. i think all told i'm axing 30-45 tunes from my collection - not too bad. not that significant but it still lightens the load somewhat.

this morning at work i had a run-in with toronto's finest. i was called to the front of the building by security because i could speak cantonese and there was an elderly woman out there who didn't speak any english and they wanted me to translate. i went and the woman was clearly disoriented and confused. she was fairly lucid, but she kept repeating the same story about her apartment. she could give me her name, but not her address or phone number or tell me who she lived with or what she was doing at my building. each time i asked her a question, she would listen carefully and then start repeating the story about her apartment. after 15-20 minutes of this, security told me to go to work and they would call me if they needed me. they called me out again when the toronto police showed up.

there were two lady cops, one kind of burly and pouty and the other one was short and spry and seemed intent on pleasing (i'm not sure who, i think burly cop). burly cop barked out questions to ask the lady, but i got nowhere. then burly cop said, out loud to her partner, "well, we should just dump her at the hospital, she's obviously koo koo." it was off putting to say the least. then she told me, "tell her that we have to take her to the hospital because we can't be babysitting her all day." after about 15 more minutes of me trying to explain to the lady and find out if she remembered the street name of her address or if there was anyone she could call, the woman (who was 71, i managed to get that much out of her) would simply say, matter-of-factly, "i can't remember." she was clearly suffering from some kind of dementia or alzheimers or equivalent. burly copy was clearly impatient (i can't imagine what she had better to do than, oh i don't know...HER JOB). then burly cop started going through the woman's pockets (without asking the woman) all rough and pulled out a cell phone. she dialed the only number on the phone and it turned out to be the front desk of the apartment building and then they escorted the woman out to drop her off at the building. pleaser cop was no better...she was clearly trying to kowtow to burly cop.

as she left, burly turned to me and said, "thanks for your help. you should consider becoming a cop." thank you, lady! that poor old woman - i can't imagine what it must be like to go through what she's going through and to know that you can't even trust law enforcement (which is deemed an "essential service") to make sure you get home safe and sound or that you'll be looked after. they totally didn't give a rat's butt about her and she was a buck to be passed off as quickly as possible. so sickening. i seem to recall in first year politics that we make some kind of trade with government - something to do with "civil society" and some kind of "social contract" - this cop was so NAKED about what a d**k she was. i mean, i guess it's one thing to gripe about this situation when you get home from work, but she was doing it in public! being blatantly patronizing and unsympathetic, rude and callous. it made me want to give her a dressing down, so bad...but i didn't know how to go about it.

it's so sad. when you read the newspaper stories about the racist cops or how they engage in racial profiling or use unnecessary force - it's so easy to believe it. everyone i told the story to today wasn't surprised and more often than not piped up that cops are a**holes. totally disheartening and scary.

not to be a weirdo, but i'm going to change the topic in a big way -

roll call of awesome:

online store: three potato four. whooooosh. that sound, my friends, is the sound of my heart being set afire. click that link only if you are strong-hearted and sturdy of account balance enough to handle the visual assault. it's like instant grabby hands over here, folks. i want most, if not all of the lovely vintage curiosities and novelty items there.

to wit:

united states chalkboard map.

hardware store drawers. these are the perfect size. i actually just went to the trouble yesterday of taking all our burned dvds of movies and shows and whatnot, taking them out of the cd binder, putting them in paper sleeves, and printing up labels with a nice font and labeling the front of each sleeve, with the intention of stacking them in something like this - so that we can flip through them and find the movie we want and it looks nicer than those cd binders and books which i find to be offensively hideous. if i had even the slightest bit of extra coin right now, i would get one for sure.

this old telephone sign. LOOK. AT. THAT. FONT. *faints from typographic happiness*

i'm actually buying this tonight. it would be perfect in the entrance way of lil' ugmo, hung up on the exposed brick wall...add a mini ledge underneath for cell phones and mail and it's a PERFECT landing pad. love it.

wire egg basket - for holding magazines in the living room or bedroom. LUST! PINE! WANT!

whyohwhy must i be so short of money right now? ugh. it grieves me deeply.


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