Wednesday, July 01, 2009

bob villa-ing - RESULTS!

here is the big reveal of a couple of weeks worth of gluing, clamping, sanding, priming, painting, more sanding, more painting. first, let's see what i started off with:

rickety, creaking, splintered wood, veneer all but gone, the seats were covered in an off-white (from age and dirt, not intentional) naugahyde that was stretched over maybe a 1/2" of cheap stuffing over a rock-hard plywood base...basically a recipe for 'roids if i've ever seen one.

this is what i turned them into:


i'm feeling pretty damn proud of myself if i may be so bold. they look fantastic! i bought foam for the seats and reupholstered them with a borrowed staple gun from H and with the help of my trusty, new, upholstery staple remover from lee valley. i wanted one to be a little punchier than the other and i think the pink is pretty sweet, while the russian white (that's CIL's nomenclature, not mine) one is more subtle and elegant. i haven't added a polyurethane coat. i'm going to see how they hold up. if they get scratched the hell up then i'll touch them up with my leftover paint and then seal them. i don't picture that happening as they're not going to be really high-use pieces.

today is canada day. we went for a long bike ride along the lakeshore and then came home and ate dippy eggs and toast. i prepped for the bbq today...we're having:

- burgers (veggie and 100% ground beef) with cheddar, usual toppings, and smoky red pepper feta spread for those who want to be saucy like that
- panzanella salad (tomatoes, roasted peppers, cucumber, olives, red onion, croutons, basil in a balsamic vinaigrette)
- baby spinach salad with strawberries, toasted sunflower seeds and lemon vinaigrette
- fresh strawberry pie with whipped cream
- coconut-pineapple-lime popsicles for the vegans
- a pitcher of peach-mango sangria (viognier, grand marnier, simple syrup, cut up peaches, mango, and fresh mint)

i just finished all my prep. i did it all with a bread knife and a paring knife! i'm strangely chuffed about that for reasons unknown.

now we're going to do some organizing and house cleaning before hopefully hitting the driving range with dr. rei and the hanbo. i hope the rain holds off.


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Jennifer said...

OMG, i want to throw up at how adorable those seats are!! you did such an amazing job!!!!! congrats, lady!!