Sunday, July 26, 2009


today has been MUCH better. i've done a crapload of packing, reorganized the spare room where all our boxes are being held, baked 1 cake and blind baked another tart shell. got my toe nail fixed, laid down vocals for the last tune, dropped off my keys at my friend H's place (she's cat sitting while we're getting hitched) and got caught in a torrential, biblical thunderstorm that soaked my drawers and had me praying to the gods that i wouldn't get hit by lightening.

i'm going through my records and then i'm calling it a night. we had a lovely dinner with our friend B at this restaurant king palace where they do spit-roasted lamb. spit-roasted lamb could be my middle name. it's so good! it's like a greek greasy spoon but the food is amazing - chunky salad with a huge slab of feta; salty, greasy, tender lamb sold by the kilo; house-made onion rings; and saganaki because the dotytron can't eat greek food without getting saganaki

totally awesome! so cheap! that and 3 beers and 1 coke was $70. the lamb was SO good. i'm taking everyone i know who appreciates the beauty of spit-roasted meat.

for sunday breakkie i made us an AWESOME sandwich. ace focaccia bun, spread with roasted garlic-parsley butter and warmed in the oven. topped with crispy proscuitto and soft scrambled eggs cooked in butter with scapes. oy. if i ever open a restaurant that would DEFINITELY go on the menu during scape season. it was criminally good.

okay...i've got to sift through the detritus of many thousands spent on obsolete vinyl.


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