Monday, June 01, 2009

the weekend that was

what a fun-filled, food-fueled, frippery-fandangoed, weekend! started off with a lovely brunch with the work ladies, their men, and their little men (in the babies sense, not the dwarf/midget/whatever-preferred-nomenclature sense). i ate some of K's pancake and my own egg's benny florentine, which comes on a slightly mushy potato rosti topped with smoked salmon and spinach, runny poached egg, hollandaise, and a lovely crisp english muffin on the side.

unfortunately K didn't get the (collective unconscious) yellow memo. next time! LOOK AT HOW CUTE THOSE BABIES ARE. LOOK AT THEM.

that night we saw 'up' it was fantastic (thought i liked 'wall*e' a bit better.) the film basically had the whole row of us, including my mum, and the two kids, all in 3-D glasses, bawling our eyes out with the OPENING 5 MINUTES (well, the kids weren't crying.) it's quite adult. the animation is thrilling, kinetic, fanciful, deep. the story is quite simple, but filled with endearing characters (shouts especially for the asian lead! way to go, pixar!) overall, i thought that it didn't do quite as good of a job bridging the adult and the child audience elements as 'wall*e'. there was a bit of an incongruous element whenever some of the humour veered towards the ankle-biter demographic, which shocked you out of the very mature overtones - of life, adventure, family, love, and mostly, loss. the action is there, but some of the humour wasn't as textured as what was in 'wall*e'. is it still one of the best films i've seen all year? undoubtedly. is it worth seeing? unequivocally. is quibbling over pixar's oeuvre a bit of a moot point? assuredly.

the next day we had dim sum with my grandparents. thereafter, thoroughly addled by the msg and sodium coursing through my veins, i went to watch my brother's team play dodgeball (my team played after.) or i thought i was going to watch. instead, i was called up and played alongside them, when every over-salinated/umami'd cell in my body was crying out for the sweet release of slumber atop a pile of quietly moldering gym mattresses stacked in a corner. then i had to play my OWN game. where i got beaned in the melon with a ferocity that gave me a ringing in me ears.

we grabbed T (who was going to my grandma's birthday banquet) and headed up to markham. i don't know if it was the knocking my brain got or the lack of sleep, but i suffered from a brief bout with the stoops. i questioned whether or not i had fallopian tubes (?), couldn't remember liam neeson's name (!), and otherwise became less eloquent. this of course had me spiraling into a self-diagnostic froth about having a concussion. my family and T ignored me. i recovered to get gussied up and hit dinner. here are some shots:

T is dressed normally. we are all ridiculously dressed up because we were told that there were going to be family portraits. unbeknown to us, there was a last minute audible so we looked like dorks AND showed up an hour early for dinner. gyno-fail!

today was my day off. me and T did day 1 of our "T's in town shopping extravaganza: recession-busting edition." we checked out the shops at don mills and went to the anthropologie. BY ALL THAT IS HOLY! how am i supposed to resist the lures of a store where 90% is CUSTOM MAID FOR MY BOHEMIAN-GIRLY TASTES?!???!!! how?!??? why?!!!? i bought two things and some undies. from the sale room. (that's right - sale ROOM - C had warned me.) but i'm experiencing home owner's buyer's remorse and i might return them. i don't need MORE clothes. i need less. i'll probably be unloading a bunch. i need to live a more spartan, monastic existence. and by "spartan" and "monastic," read: "as ascetic as one can get with chrome fixtures and vintage lighting and hex tiles in the bathroom." well, maybe i'll keep one of the things and the undies. garg.

then we walked along in leslieville. i found a gorgeous vintage dress that might fit me (if in some universe i happen to have a 26" waist) that would be perfect for the summer weddings i'm attending. so if i trade in my stuff and it's still there in a month, then i feel i can get it. we'll let the fates decide.

tonight for dinner i made us a crème frâiche, fava bean, asparagus, and lemon farfalle pasta. with a baby spinach, ontario strawberry, shallot, and sunflower seed salad with lemon-maple vinaigrette. for dessert i made us a strawberry rhubarb pudding cake that i served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

i got a good bit done on the wedding invites. they're kind of cute, if i do say so myself. doesn't feel right that i have to go back to work tomorrow.


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