Wednesday, June 10, 2009

petty economizing...

lagerfeld style. behold my new rosewood buffet! it is even more beautiful and lustrous than the photo would indicate. the doors slide BACK into the sides, because they're all sliced up into a million pieces and curve back. don't ask me how it works. know only that it is BEAUTIFUL. it cost $450. not cheap. but it's definitely a collector's item that will retain its value. even after we drill holes into the back. it's our new tv stand. it works a little better than the other buffet i bought (which remember, was a steal at $280) because it's a foot shorter. the other buffet we're going to put in the dining room and use it to hold plates and bar supplies and other buffet/sideboard/credenza type things (the dotytron totally busted me on the nomenclature: "why do you keep calling it something different?") the rosewood buffet is heavy as all f**k and in better shape. i'm in love with it.

the petty economizing comes in when i bought expired tropicana orange juice at $2 off to make up for it. lol! and i am going to return all those anthropologie clothes. no more clothes for me, no sir. not for a long while (or, as long as i can stand it...which probably won't be all that long.) it's working out to my benefit that this summer isn't much for being hot. i don't have an opportunity to run through my copious amounts of summer clothes.

i've also snagged 2 very very old and rickety telephone tables which i'm going to turn into my first diy furniture refinishing project. i'll document the results. this weekend is busy with crafty projects. i'm going to try to clean up this chrome chair i pulled out of the trash. i gave one to H to go with her school desk (H and i are kind of setting up mirror homes...we have the same school desks, now the same chairs, and the same ikea tray underneath our respective kitty i've done some research. you can apparently use 0000 steel wool and chrome polish, coca cola, or a ball of aluminum foil. i'm going to try all three to get the rust off.

on tuesday night i made up the last of the farro and black bean burger mix and made a new batch of the smoky red pepper spread to go along with.

tonight we just ate salad...i wasn't very hungry as i had a big lunch. we took a colleague out to lunch in the workplace dining room as a last huzzah. i had a pretty decent turkey burger with excellent, skinny-crispy sweet potato fries. after work i came home and met up with the dotytron and we played some no-rules tennis. i can't really generally handle eating a big meal at lunch and dinner unless i've kind of set myself up for it (ie. vacay/an "eat whatever i want" day, etc.) so i wasn't terribly hungry so i ate the spinach, grape tomato, red onion, avocado, and sunflower seed salad i couldn't eat last night. the dotytron supplemented his dinner with some leftover black bean chili.

now i'm gearing up to bake off my entries for the workplace cookie baking competition as part of the picnic on friday. i'm in it to win it (as they say.) no prisoners. it's been getting really ugly at work with my old supervisor, T. there have been accusations of sabotage.

in other sister bought and devoured (her words!) sarah dessen's "just listen" in one night and then promptly went out and bought like, 3 more of her books. lol! amazing! i've gotten dr. rei hooked on the e. lockhart ruby oliver series too. i've still got a horrendous backlog of book reviews to do.

okay...i gotta put the finishing touches on the performance invites. eeks!


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