Friday, June 26, 2009

living a lifetime

i feel like i've lived super-long days lately. this would because i decided to take up the suggestion of a colleague and GET UP AT 6AM TO GO FOR MY RUN. it's been suspiciously easy getting up a full hour before my usual wakening time and exerting myself physically. the pros: it's cooler, i can run farther, get it done, show up at work earlier, shower. the cons: none, other than the easily rectifiable one where i've been eating loads of cookies and cake and sweets everyday and undermining my own determination.

i'm so ready for the weekend! even though we don't have much planned - probably going out for drinks tonight with B & G and crew. tomorrow i'm futzing around getting ready to host people for an alfresco fry party, then going to a jungle jam. on sunday we're free all day with some contingent plans to have dinner at the roomie's new pad. i also want to lay down the first coat of paint on my telephone tables.

yesterday we had grilled salmon with cucumber-mint yoghurt on curried couscous with yellow squash, red peppers, and grated carrot. i'll upload with photos tonight. then, after recovering from the shock of michael jackson's untimely death (wtf?) we went with the dotytron's sister to drop off something we sold on craigslist and pick up something she bought on craigslist at the same time.

the torrential mid-afternoon rains we got yesterday washed away all the heat and dust and created optimal bike-riding conditions, so we set off on a dusk ride with the eventual goal being an inaugural visit to jah cold stone creamery. riding your bike at dusk when the air smells clean and your heat-tired skin is rejuvenated with the benediction of a cool, peony-scented breeze and you have your partner by your side makes bike riding and by extension life, worth doing. we rode up to pottery road and paid a visit to the dairy queen at the corner of broadview and pottery, that has a teeny little patio area that overlooks the don valley, where you can watch the sun set with the majesty of the don spread out before you and feel emboldened like those first toronto city planners must have, when they stood on the banks and imagined a sinuous artery of the fordist age, part of a network that would cover the city in a concrete filigree. sorry, i got caught up in my own literary excesses. the point is: the patio on that particular DQ is lovely.

from there we zig-zagged our way until we arrived at our destination. jah cold stone creamery is in the tim horton's on the corner of logan and the danforth. i was a little skeptical, because said tim horton's also used to house the danforth and vicinity's only wendy's, before they closed it up and i was left smoky bacon mushroom melt bereft. as with most american franchises/ideas transplanted onto canadian soil (target! beware! be ye not so stupid! don't mess with a good thing!) - jah cold stone creamery was a bit of a bust. due to the limitations of physics, the marble slab ice cream phenomena is not conducive to speed or efficiency. the server takes a glob of ice cream and massages it on a chilled slab with two gelato paddles, folding in whatever monstrous and unholy combination of "mixin's" your heart desires. this takes time. especially when you're dealing with the soft, atrophied muscles of today's disaffected low-wage teenage ice cream parlour workforce. add to that that this particular jah cold stone creamery counter has been frankensteined onto the end of a tim horton's counter and you have a gothic nightmare waiting to happen. the employees are tim horton's employees temporarily drafted from their large double-double and french cruller duties to manipulate ice cream before your rapt gaze like some kind of north pole benihana. it's a mistake. tim horton's custies suffer and jah cold stone creamery custies suffer. i doubt we'll go back. plus, the dotytron had serious issues with their chocolate ice cream.

in the defense of marble slab ice cream everywhere, the stuff i had in the states from jah cold stone creamery was way better. and the belgian chocolate ice cream at the marble slab creamery in markham was bitter and dark and velveteen. the dotytron's base ice cream tasted like frozen chocolate milk. not good.

tonight for dinner i'm making grilled pizzas. either thrown directly on the grill or on the pizza stone temporarily residing on the grill. haven't made up my mind yet. one is going to be a margherita, the other is going to probably be a roasted garlic and lardo pizza with olive oil and sea salt. we're going to have this with grilled asparagus. hopefully eaten outside if the rain holds off and out.

i'm also going to do some patch-priming on some areas the dotytron missed on the second telephone table. he kind of did a poor job but you can't hire good free help these days.

in other the time this day is done we're probably going to be the proud owners of a car. a 2002 mazda protegé 5, in fact. let's hope we didn't just blow money we didn't have on a lemon! can i just say that we are haemorraghing money right now? eeks.

i'm also going to do some yoga tonight because i haven't stretched at all lately and i can feel my hamstrings seizing up in protest at the new torture i'm inflicting upon them.

lastly, i would be remiss if i didn't give a big fat RIP to poor MJ. i'm sorry we did this to you. well, us and joe jackson. joe jackson started it and we finished it by turning the poor guy into the favorite object of our morbid and grotesque fascination and rabid excesses. the king of pop indeed - his musical legacy deserves better than what became of him. the dotytron and i played "favorite MJ song" last night while riding.

here are our picks:

finally, best week ever did it again with "the greatest MJ move of all time"



dr. rei said...

holy crap dude, i can't believe you've become such a hardcore runner....6am?? makes sense though, running in this heat really does blow chunks!

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

guy, i max out at 20 minutes and i hate every minute of it. but it's the only way i'm going to avoid being a fat little weirdo stuffed into a too-tight vintage dress on my wedding day.

dr. rei said...

lol i hear that my friend....boy do i ever hear that. i should really check if my dress even still fits me??? looooooool two fat little weirdos in the wind!