Friday, June 19, 2009

in case i haven't made it abundantly clear...

I LOVE MY FRIDAYS OFF. i have a colleague who likes to grumble about them, but i swear they'll have to pry them from my cold, petrified, dead hands. i managed to sleep in for a whole glorious hour, waking up at 8, despite a 6:50am internal clock poke to the eyelids and consciousness that i managed to smother with a fitful, uneasy, forced rejuvenating slumber.

from there, i and i have been enormously productive. i made (and jarred!) a double batch of jumbleberry jam, we went and picked up a trunk (pictured above) from some dude on craigslist that will have pride of place at the foot of our bed and will store extra pillows and blankets and comforters that won't fit in the linen closet of lil' ugmo. the dude lived in a GORGEOUS house in the upper beaches...that's going to be in our "in 10 years" house...if we don't move a little closer to my beloved danny. moving closer to the danny has been made more compelling now that they're OPENING JAH COLD STONE CREAMERY on the strip!!!!!!!! yet another reason why my sis and outlaw bro should uproot their family and move to my neighbourhood. the reason why i call it jah cold stone creamery is linked below. ANYWAY, jah cold stone creamery is opening where the wendy's used to be, attached to the timmy ho's. my preference would still be to have the wendy's there, as wendy's is good year round, whereas jah cold stone creamery is only good for like, the three months of summer we have, but i'll take it as a welcome alternative to baskin robbins iron grip on my community ice cream dollars. ANYWAY, the trunk owner said he'd had good luck selling stuff on craigslist. as long as you have good stuff and you're asking a decent price, then he said stuff doesn't stay on there for more than a day. SWEET! all the more reason for us to start selling our wares.

after the trunk pick up i went to the dentist and got some scaling done and then the library and did some local errands. i also finished picking all my digital photos from 2005-2008 for printing and dropped them off (oy's 871 photos worth!!!) once i pay for them then i can put together all my albums and that will be a weight off my OCD back. now i'm eating my breakfast/lunch of leftover couscous salad and then i'm going to hop on my trusty steed and go on my lee valley hardware mission and pick up some 100% cotton jersey tops from american apparel (the ones picture below) to go with my other hot weather attire for the BLISTERING heat and humidity that is going to be disneyworld in august. say what you will about american apparel, but 100% cotton is totally the way to go in the heat. i'm also going to stop by mec and see if i can get a cheapie, light rain jacket or poncho. the key is that it's LIGHT and CHEAP and WATER RESISTANT for hawaii and general travel.

hopefully i get back in time to bake a loaf of bread and start playing around with my new wood glues and whatnot.

tonight we have a meeting with our lawyer and then we're going to eat a quickie dinner and meet up with dr. rei, hanbo, and my buddy N for the "scene not herd" series at the worldwide short film festival. this year looks MAD indie. i don't know why they've kind of backed off from pulling more international videos, as those tended to be the best ones, but it's a tradition so we'll suck it up.

i also have to make a million phone calls to hvac and performance purveyors in geneseo. and phone in my c/c number to disney so that they can charge the balance for the trip. this summer is the summer of consumer debt. OY.

tonight for dinner we're having mac'n'cheese and hotdogs. i'm kind of ridiculously excited for it, but i'm not going to bother taking a picture. after the short film festival we're going to get ice cream from greg's and then talk about how indie everything was (aka a near perfect evening).

this bird's gotta fly!


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