Sunday, June 07, 2009


zomg. i came home at 3:30 last night (this morning). THREE THIRTY! that doesn't happen anymore! i'm so chuffed about it.

the past few days have been epic. let's start with friday night. got home from work and got all gussied up to take T and the dotytron out for dinner - to celebrate T being in town and the dotytron being DONE m-f'n TEACHER'S COLLEGE! i thought this day would NEVER come!

we went to tomi-kro restaurant in leslieville. it's close by and i've been meaning to try it for a long time. we also did a walk by of lil' ugmo as well (it was en route) to show T what is giving me periodic knots of anxiety in the flesh.

anyway, the meal was really lovely! we all had three courses, a bottle of wine, and one martini. here's what went down...

bread. basically warmed, pita triangles that had been brushed with an herbed oil. pretty tasty, but kind of nondescript.

lobster maki balls. bits of lobster mixed with chili mayo and avocado, encased in sushi rice which is then rolled in nori, dipped in tempura batter, and then deep fried. the lobster was barely noticeable, but i tend to be a sucker for deep fried maki. it's served with a slightly spicy wakame salad and more chili mayo on the plate. it's tasty because crispy+maki+spicy mayo is always a winning combination and this dish capitalizes on it.

at the top, foie gras brulé. a generous ramekin of foie mousse with a bruléed crispy sugar topping. served with toast and some kind of tart fruit preserve and other foie gras accoutrements. it was really really tasty. the foie mousse was whipped and airy and smooth and the bitter/sweet crunch of the bruléed sugar provided a nice texture and flavour contrast.

on the bottom, we have the miami short ribs. these were braised and then grilled and served with a vaguely asian, five-spice enhanced sauce. they were tender and delicious and generously portioned.

beet salad. huge slices of tender, chilled, beet topped with a goat-cheese cream studded with pistachios on top of greens. i loved this dish. it went over really well with a table of beet lovers.

i ordered the veal osso bucco. three tender, meaty chunks of veal shank, braised and topped with a rich, mushroom-cream infused sauce. this dish was quite heavy for summer but it was actually just what i wanted after waiting until 9pm to have dinner and walking through leslieville to find eats. the meat could have used a touch more seasoning but other than that, it was a nice take on osso bucco - extra points for a particularly huge slippery knot of marrow.

dr. rei ordered the seared salmon with tempura battered sweet peas and some kind of cole slaw type thing (or vinegary shredded stuff.) the salmon was served medium rare and had a sweet glaze going on.

T had the tuna, which came rolled in sesame seeds, seared, and served with some kind of miso sauce on edamame hummous. i didn't get to try it but T said it was yummy.

the dotytron ordered the filet of beef. it came with some kind of root mash and sauce. i was getting full at this point so even though we were going splitsies, i didn't eat as much of it as i thought i would. the meat was as tender as filet should be and cooked the requisite medium-rare.

despite my above assertions that i was approaching fullness, that didn't stop me from ordering dessert. i ordered the flourless chocolate cake, which is a silky, dense, mousse-like triangle of pure chocolate flavour, accented with whipped cream and berries.

dr. rei ordered the chocolate pudding, which came with a chocolate brownie (i found the brownie a touch dry.)

the dotytron and T had the dulce de leche cheesecake. it was also very good and and restrained with the caramel flavours, which can sometimes get too sickening and cloying.

all in all, i thought the food was really good and pretty fairly priced, for the portion size and the execution. we paid $280 including taxes and tip for four people to have 3 courses each and a bottle of decent wine and one cocktail. i would go there again.

yesterday was a loooooooong day. the roomie was moving out yesterday, so T and i hightailed it to bonjour brioche to get out of her hair. plus, i wanted to take T there because it's something a little different in the brunch department. on our way, the area that i live in now was having a massive street sale, so we walked through that. some of the prices were exorbitant and not in the spirit of yard sale-ing. for example, some dude was selling a plastic radio flyer wagon for EIGHTY DOLLARS. that's not good yard sale etiquette. do you want to get rid of the stuff or NOT? on the way back, we spotted H and baby D and H's mom J. they stopped over for a visit and showed off some of their finds from their trawl through the yard sale. H has the best yard sale/goodwill/value village luck i've ever seen.

then S came over to look at some furniture and we visited with her for a bit. it turns out all the stuff i'm getting rid of is too big for her new place so it's not going to work out. but it was nice catching up.

finally, after the cavalcade of stars, we headed out for our day of shopping. i didn't buy much. i got a straw hat for myself and a pair of shorts for the dotytron. pretty restrained considering i saw a bunch of nice stuff i wanted. i'm really into the thin, button down, breezy, rolled up shirt/dress look this summer. i think it's so crisp and clean and like, blake lively strolling through martha's vineyard on a hot summer's day.

this is kind of what i'm talking about. so nice! so breezy and crisp and still relaxed and vaguely hippie for hot climes. it's very vacationy. but i was good and didn't succumb. i'll do a trawl through the sale racks if and when i ever get some disposable coin. i definitely don't want to pay full price for that stuff.

we walked and walked and walked and had a serious case of barking dogs. we met up with the dotytron at harbord fish'n'chips and mowed down and then came back home and napped. we met up with our buddy B at the subway and headed over to our buddy M and fox's apartment in kensington where we did some pre drinking with other peeps. bwong came and met us there and was winningly insouciant as per usual. we headed out to supermarket first and were bored to death with some crappy disco-y standards ("pyt" etc.) i went up to the dj and asked if they were going to play any hip hop and requested m.o.p's "ante up" and he said he'd play it. we sat through some more indeterminate crap tunes and were just about to leave when he dropped it and the crowd went OFF. what the hell dudes, just let me program a set. then he played some more old skool hip hop but it might have been too little too late. we trooped over to thymeless but they were full (!!!) so i convinced people to go to some random jungle party at toi bar featuring the sounds of dj saigon and possibly frankie gunns.

we squeezed in just before last call and got a reduced rate. T and i bonded at trent university over le jungle, bwong is an old stalwart, the dotytron and i met via jungle, and some other random friend of friend of the dotytron's high school crew who was in attendance was also a former jungle devotee. it was a BLAST. we danced our butts off to really crappy jungle and it was awesome. lol! i think my voice was hoarse from "brup"ing and "bo"ing. ahahahahaha. at one point, i started rolling up the legs of my jeans and told a (shocked) bwong that i was really going there. T had been worried about being under-dressed for supermarket but we were totally OVER dressed for jungle. ahahahahaha! so good!!! i also got hit on by a n00b. he offered to buy me a drink. i ordered a gin and soda (T's drink of choice) thinking i could pass it along to her but the bar was closed. the point is, i got hit on (i'll take what i can get) and i still got it for skeevy jungle dudes (like i said: i'll take what i can get. lol!) we kinda closed the place down. like, the lights came on. then we dip-setted out of there with bwong shouting, "quick! before the lights come on!" and then we kind of staggered out because it felt like we had all just like blacked out and fell into a time warp. it totally escalated quickly. all in all, a super fun night. can't ask for more.

i'm about to make some breakkie and get this day started.


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