Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the dotytron cracks me up

he's joining my dodgeball team on monday nights. we're both only playing one night a week because i selfishly don't see the point in giving up TWO weeknights during the summer to get sticky and heat-rashy in an under-cooled school gymnasium despite my competitive, dodgeball-loving tendencies. i went to check the team's profile on the intramural sports site. as i scroll through the list of team names, i see that the only person who's posted a profile picture is the dotytron. i stop and take a closer look. then i double click to make it bigger. the dotytron has uploaded the following:

i started laughing. i call him at home and say, "hey, i like the photo you posted on tcsssccsc" he says, "what one was that again?" me: "the kitchen god" him: "oh. no one else had posted anything and i figured they give you the feature for a reason and i was going to take advantage of it." i find this really funny. mostly because the dotytron and i and the goosetang clan are steeped in the ins and outs of messageboard culture (that's how we all met, really) and if there's one thing that's an unforgivable sin in the messageboard playbook, it's not taking FULL advantage of avatar possibilities. more often than not, you're so overwhelmed with funny/in-joke-y avatars that you have a rotation going, based on whatever's happening in popular culture/the messageboard itself.

anyway, i truly believe that the dotytron is one of the funniest people i've ever met in my life. it's actually kind of tough living up to that. i feel like i'm funny, but not that funny. it's a lot of pressure.

tomorrow is canada day! excite abounds! predictably, we're hosting. i think 10 or so people. hosting 8-10 people for dinner is such a part of my routine that i always forget how weird it is for almost everyone else to entertain as frequently as we do and to the extent that we do, until i get "the look" from people. you just have to do a lot of planning (i excel!) and be organized (i also excel!) and love to have people over (i excel to the nth degree!) i love hosting, i really do. it makes me sad that lil' ugmo isn't as conducive to it or won't be for at least 2 years. i've been threatening the dotytron that i will not cook in that horrendous kitchen until we can gut it and reno it. we're eating paninis for 2 years. lol!

today is little ze's THIRD birthday! THREE! three years ago i was at canoe, frantically trying to sneak out during service to use the phone and call home to get word, any word at all, on the status of the baby s-dawg was referring to as shiloh. then the fat little chinaman was born and he's been near and dear to our hearts ever since. him and uncle dodo are especially best buds, but seriously, this kid's personality is the best. he's such a happy go lucky lug. but surprisingly sensitive at times. he can use his long-lashed cow eyes in the service of a hangdog expression to devastating effect when his puppy dog enthusiasm has been curtailed. i can't wait to see him this weekend. i'm baking him a VERYVERYVERY special cake for the occasion.

tonight i'm having dinner and a visit with my friend S. i get to see her new apartment and go for tacos el asador. pretty fun! i'm also going to check out this "fiesta farms" that everyone talks about (and by everyone i mean S and my ex-prof J). apparently it's some kind of organic grocery store?


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