Saturday, June 27, 2009

consequence of waking up at 6 to go running...

you pass out at 11pm on friday night and miss having drinks with your friends. bogus.

so i came home to zoomzoom parked in our driveway. it's red! VERY red! this is after a series of phone calls to the dotytron where i gave him a list of groceries to pick up and threatened him upon pain of death by haranguing that just because we have a car now doesn't mean we're using it for non-necessary missions (ie. grocery shopping) and that we have to be careful of our ecological footprint and peak oil, blah blah blah. i'm not above checking the odometre if i have to.

see, that's the thing about downtown living. i don't really know why a lot of people who are car-obsessed want it so. i know people who talk about how they couldn't stand living in the suburbs but don't make ANY use of downtown amenities. they do all their grocery shopping at giant loblaws (and overpay for the privilege) and use a car to drive to the gym or go a block. it's ridiculous. i don't want to be those people.

the pizza last night turned out splendid, with some tense moments. my margherita kind of imploded - i overloaded it my too-wet tomato sauce and too much fresh sliced mozzarella and so it reached critical mass and the topping began a slow, volcanic slide off the pizza and into the belly of my bbq. not good. we managed to rescue it in the end and it was supremely tasty, as was the other pizza, which ended up consisting of lardo, some of T's chilies julienned, chili oil, and roasted garlic. it was heavenly! what made the pizzas taste so amazing was the use of the pizza stone on the bbq. the thing got ripping hot and the pizzas were done in under 10 minutes each. then we turned the grill off and finished the asparagus on the pizza stone with the residual heat. it makes a convincing argument for a wood-fired outdoor oven. someday.

today i've been busy. i dropped my bike off to sven and his band of norweigian misfits (that's cyclemania to you) i made a fresh strawberry pie, a strawberry cream tart, and prepped the dip for tonight's dinner. the menu is as follows:

- olives
- cheese
- cured meats (capicollo and mortadella)
- smoky red pepper and feta spread
- grilled pitas
- those zucchini pancakes with mint sour cream
- deep fried, breaded, roasted pepper, proscuitto and provolone antipasto things.
- deep fried jalepeno poppers (odd one out: i have a box in the freezer, STILL left over from super bowl party!)
- strawberry pie w/ whipped cream
- wines
- convivial fun

the deep fried roasted pepper things i made once last year. T from work heard about them from our other italian colleague, A (she says, as if she can be counted as one of the italians in the workplace). you take a roasted pepper (i just used the jarred ones - much easier!) and wrap it around a piece of provolone, which in turn is wrapped in a piece of proscuitto. then you secure the roasted pepper so that nothing will escape with a toothpick. then you bread it (flour, egg, panko/breadcrumbs) and deep fry them until golden brown. season with salt and it is a truly DELIGHTFUL snack. so delightful that i've basically guaranteed myself a week of getting up at 6 and running in exchange for my dionysian gluttony this evening.

i'm going to do a second coat on my pink telephone table and a single coat on the other one. i had some good advice from random strangers at home depot when it came time to pick the colours for the tables. my original plan was to pick out the red or teal from the fabric i used for the seats, but i couldn't find a good match and the home depot crew (staff and custies) rightly suggested that red and teal can be VERY hard on the eyes - almost vibrate-y. so i went with a cream and a pink. the pink is still VERY pink but i think it's less visually wearing than the red would have been. i also beamed with pride when i was told that i was a "good girl" for priming the pieces before hand. i love validation, i truly do.

okay...i'm off to bake a loaf of bread and read in the sun and do some painting.

after dinner we're going to this party. our friend frankie gunns got married and they're doing a jungle party type reception for the entire toronto jungle community. bonus: it's in the neighbourhood! walking distance! other bonus: RAVE!

i'll take pictures of our bacchanlian feast and post them tomorrow.


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