Monday, June 29, 2009

al fresco fry party

was a resounding success, greatly helped along by the fact that the dotytron was on fire that night and was pumping out zingers, left, right, and centre.

some of the topics of conversation included:

- me being skeptical that skin bleaching actually works and bwong countering with this buju banton tune called "dem a bleach" as his chief evidence for the existence and efficacy of skin-bleaching products
- captain save a hoe: (aka the new name for our car)
- bringing up "cotton eyed joe" in reference to michael ignatieff
- how jack layton is an undignified rube who's dragging the ndp party down
- catherine di medici's secret recipe for jalepeno poppers
- and many, many others.

we were also visited by a crack obsessed (probably rabid) squirrel who was FIXATED on us and our food and was bold in the way that only crazy animals can be. he kept giving us the stare down from the fence that rings our property which would result in the dotytron hucking weeds at him while shouting random patois and then hopping up and down in one spot to see how far he had chased it. it was hilarious/terrifying. this is he:

it was a good thing the food was great! we had great cheeses, great cured meats, tasty olives and of course, the ever-popular roasted pepper-proscuitto-provolone things. and jalepeno poppers, which were the only un-slow food thing on the menu.

the festivities broke up almost 4 hours later at around 11pm and then me and the dotytron headed down to that party which ended up being a colossal bust. there were like, 10 people there. you know what the problem was? i can tell you: mistaking the toronto drum'n'bass community for your friends. classic. you can't count on skeevy party goers for anything, much less to turn up for your wedding jungle party when there's no headliner. it was disheartening but that's shiz you gotta learn, son. plus, i took all the good uns out of the jungle community: dr. rei, bwong, the dotytron, my doppelganger, A, etc. i separated the wheat from the skeevy chaff. we stayed for like, 10 minutes and then headed home. we were kind of cheesed that we paid $10 cover though. they had a trumpet player, a trombonist, and the bride is a mc who kind of sings over her groom's djing. i'm not gonna lie, i didn't really feel it. but that didn't stop the dotytron from threatening to charge up on the stage and start jamming on this lone stratocaster he spied up there. i had to literally pull him back. he said he was going to do it "funny" and under normal circumstances i wouldn't have had a problem - i just didn't want to be left sitting alone with the dregs of toronto electronic music society. can you blame me?

sunday dawned rainy and morose. we had bacon, egg, lettuce and tomato sammies on lightly toasted leftover fred's bread with mayo. i picked up my bike from the shop (i had the brakes tightened up and traded in my collapsible baskets for saddle bags). we did some light packing, i painted another coat on my chairs, and then we started cataloguing my records on discogs. it was super slow going. molasses slow. treacle slow. we had a good time though - mostly because we got to listen to my seldom-heard tunes and stuff ourselves with leftover meats, cheeses, paper-thin sliced mortadella, and zucchini pancakes.

we were supposed to go to the roomie's place for dinner but she bailed on us. the back up plan was to eat steak sammies, but were were kind of full from hoovering cured meats and cheeses so in the end i seared off the steak and we split that. and then we had A QUARTER EACH of the fresh strawberry pie i had made for the roomie as my contribution. this pie is amazing. i might even like it better than the strawberry cream tart we had at al fresco fry party. it's like the essence of strawberry goodness in each and every bite. it's intoxicatingly good. staggeringly good. you want to eat it all day every day kind of good.

then we watched half of the zizek documentary and i passed out at EIGHT THIRTY. eight thirty!!!!!!!!! and slept through until 6am this morning whereupon the dotytron joined me for my morning run.

tonight for dinner we had orecchiete w/ peas, lemon, mint and crème frâiche and some roasted asparagus on the side. with the leftover proscuitto roasted pepper things. followed by even MORE strawberry pie. oy.


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