Tuesday, May 26, 2009

things i didn't know were possible

/ house edition of roll call of awesome:

a) that you could fall in love with a shower curtain:

b) that i would suddenly go apes**t over oilcloth tablecloths and marimekko prints. i could picture any of these providing a jaunty and practical jolt of colour to my dining room table (while protecting it from the dotytron's tendency to becrumb everything and the cats' tendencies to scratch everything up):

so so so lovely!

i also love the look of european high-gloss cabinets in kitchens. i want a blue and white kitchen (the better to show off apple clock!) with cork flooring. that's the dream. i had originally wanted blue high gloss cabinets with a white tile backsplash (words of advice: NEVER GET WHITE CABINETRY!) but then i saw the ikea 2009 catalogue and a whole high gloss kitchen is actually TOO reflective and it would be a fingerprint, smudgy nightmare. exhibit A:

so eighties! so i think now i want light grey or blue cabinets, white backsplash, cork floors.

i can also totally envision the upstairs bathroom worked around that shower curtain as inspiration, too. all soft blues or bright greens with little white hex tiles:

those are marble. that is NOT happening. but you get the drift. like all white hex tile with just the random soft blue one every so often.

that's all a long way off. like, dotytron has a job and all the big stuff has been dealt with long way off. our priorities are probably something like this:

i) electrical
ii) furnace/hvac
iii) roof
iv) plumbing/intake pipe upgrade
v) adjusting the closets/size of upstairs bedrooms a bit
vi) basement finishing/opening up staircases
vii) kitchen
viii) deck/garage
ix) landscaping the front/digging up the back
x) not killing each other

le sigh. it's going to be a long, dirty, slog...IF we get it.

so we've put in an amendment on the price. we'll see if the sellers' take the bait.


edit: later that same evening

so our realtor presented the offer and the sellers went ape shiz. we ended up coming in $8,000 under our existing offer (that has been accepted.) the seller is apparently under the belief that if he put 8 grand in the house he could sell it for $400,000, which actually made our realtor LAUGH OUT LOUD (if you could see the interior, you would too.)

so maybe they'll knock a grand or two off.

tonight i made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. there are few things that spaghetti and meatballs CAN'T fix. and lemme tell you, i needed fixin'

two nights of minimal sleep can get to you. last night the dotytron and i got into a very immature tiff that resulted in me sleeping upside down on the bed (my feet where my head was supposed to be) out of sheer stubbornness. we had gotten into a tussle brought upon by stress and anxiety and overwork and a few too many sleepless nights in a row. i threw his pillow onto the ground. he told me to pick it up. i refused. then it became a battle of the wills. after 20 minutes, he said, "i work with 8th graders, dude, i can wait it out" which is the point at which my resolve solidified into an unyielding, lead obelisk. the short of it is, i didn't pick up the pillow and i successfully proved that i could be more stubborn than an eight grader, even if it means sleeping upside down on the bed with no covers. lol!

'terminator salvation' and book reviews forthcoming! tomorrow night my friend T is arriving by way of a conference in ottawa from vancouver. she was here over the holidays but it's been 8 years since she's been back in toronto during the spring/summer. i'm so excited! she's going to be staying with us for a week and a half. joy!


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