Monday, May 04, 2009


oh my. i felt exhausted this morning. i felt like i needed a weekend to recover from my weekend and while i know how debauched that statement sounds, the reality of what i actually did that resulted in this sad-sack state is the diametric opposite of glamorous.

saturday morning i woke up obscenely early (hot docs reviews forthcoming tomorrow evening) after our friday night documentary and puttered around and futzed with my sourdough wholewheat sandwich bread. instead of kneading, it uses a technique called the "french fold" - my bread turned out very squat and quite homely. i was worried it was going to be a dense brick. it's still pretty dense but shows a pretty open mie which indicates that my starter is working, but it's nowhere near as lofty my inspiration recipe, pulled from the fresh loaf. it was still a bit too sour for my liking, for an everyday sandwich bread. i think i probably let it ferment too long. actually, when i look at the loaves posted...the baker only got maybe an inch more heigh than me, by the looks of it. so i didn't do too badly. still could use a bit of work. the dough was a NIGHTMARE to work with. wet, sticky, goopy, sludgy - it made a mess of my counters, hands, and every scraper and bowl in the house.

so wrestling with the dough baby took up a good chunk of my time. then i blew out my computer and gave its' innies a compressed air bath, put everything back together, and realized that EVERY usb port had crapped out on me. oy vey! i panicked and fiddled and tried every configuration before calling canada computers and finding out whether i could bring it in to the service people there. in the end, the dotytron suggested that i probably loosened something and that i should see if i could readjust on my own. i fiddled around a bit and lo and behold, it worked! now i get the intense satisfaction that can only come from meeting a formidable and inscrutable foe like a modern day computer head-on and emerging triumphant. many people can fix hardware stuff on their computers?!? not many, that's who. granted, the "fix" consisted of pressing gently on a little metal thing attached to the circuit board...but still. a fix is a fix is a fix. i probably (definitely) would have gotten fleeced out of $25 by canada computers and then had to deal with the trauma of carrying my computer around on public transportation.

s-dawg came over, drunk and heaving from a day spent at the ballpark. we packed up the car and i drove us to meet my mom for dinner. the ontario kid-contingent had been summoned by my mom to a dinner because her friend from cleveland was visiting (they were in KINDERGARTEN together!) and my mom's other schoolmate from back in the day was also joining in. cleveland friend was also bringing her "kid" (aka, a dude my age) so my mum wanted us trotted out for a little meet and greet and to provide intra-generational support. generally these meet and greets with my mom's friends' kids or my mom's clients' kids are THE WORST. this turned out to be THE BEST. cleveland kid was a chef, totally funny, sarcastic, brought his adorable gf along and we got along like crazy. it was fantastic. they were totally our kind of peeps - could totally see us incorporating them into regular crew if they lived in toronto. my mum's other school friend is this lady B, who is a lesbian falling on the butch side of things. she's AWESOME. i just added her as a friend on facebook. lol! she just knows what's what. where the good food is, where to go for taiwanese bubble tea, and she's got a zillion hilarious stories to tell. her gf is very sweet too.

i totally find old chinese lesbians from hong kong kind of exotic. i expressed this in the car ride home and the dotytron was all like, "me too!" lol! lemongrass was super tasty and also very fresh tasting. the thing with going to places in the company of B is that she gets MAD FACE! special items not on the menu kind of face! it's totally awesome. we had pho and it made me cry that there wasn't anything so good downtown. the broth was so clean and clear tasting, unlike the stuff downtown which tastes like reconstituted dish water. WHY ARE MARKHAM AND SCARBS SO GANGSTA IN THE FOOD DEPARTMENT?!??? it's infuriating! we also had awesome rotis and curry crab and finished off with coconut milk ice cream served in a little wee baby coconut shell that had bits of young coconut mixed in. i LOVE baby coconut flesh. best baby flesh in the world.

anyway, we ended up totally re-jigging our sunday morning plans so that we could have dim sum with the whole crew again on sunday morning. we went to this place at bayview & 16th called yang's. it was pretty nice and the food was very clean tasting...not so heavy on the msg-tip.

then we ditched the dotytron at home and i went to play dodgeball. then i met up with bwong and we checked a documentary with my friends B & G. after that, i headed to my boyfriend's place to hang out with him, his gf, and sharky. i tried acme burger for the first disappointing. actually, once you've had five guys, there's really no turning back. every other chain burger tastes like crap. plus it takes FOREVER for them to make it at acme burger! plus the guy totally did the thing where he takes the spatula and LEANS on the burger with it, as i watch in horror at all my precious juices running off into the charcoal. i watched for a few minutes before i had to intercede with a meek, "ummmm...i think my burger's done" the bun was okay but that's pretty much all they had going for them.

so i hung out there and then the dotytron came and met up with me and we headed down to see ANOTHER documentary at the bloor cinema, again with B who met up with us (not exotic chinese lesbian B, B of B & G fame.)

zomg! now you know why i'm feeling so pooched. i've got a low-grade headache and i'm thinking i might bail on the documentary we have on deck tonight to do the millions of other things i have to do. like plan out my family's disney food itinerary. gah! and i haven't even STARTED compiling a hawaii food spreadsheet yet. and the trip is only THREE MONTHS AWAY! i know!!!!!

tonight i made an asparagus pasta with cream and lemon and diced red onion and garlic. basically the same as the orecchiette from last week but subbing in pan-frying the asparagus with the diced onions and garlic instead of the re-blanching treatment the frozen peas got, 1 c. of whipping cream instead of the crème frâiche, and no proscuitto (i'm not gonna lie, it was missing a bit of pork - i contemplated putting in some pancetta to start but decided i wanted this to be a true vegetarian meal.)

i also made that baby spinach salad with the toasted salted pumpkin seeds, cherry tomatoes, and red onion with the sweet lemon vinaigrette. i usually add avocado but that wasn't happening because the avocado was mad sketchy - it had been through hell.

okay, so you all know how OCD i am about my fruit and veggie consumption, right? how i like to eat the WHOLE fruit so that if you want a piece, i'd rather give you the one i just cut up and get another whole fruit for myself rather than contemplate having only 5/8 of a fruit. it's crazy, i know. so anyway, today at work i went for one of my mini-runs (10 minutes!) and then came back in, stopped by the kitchen, cut up a mango (using the mango turtle technique) and an apple (taking all four sides off the core, i hate eating an apple just out of hand) and put them both on a plate. then i went to the bathroom to change and stuck the plate on this counter directly across from the women's bathroom door, close to the photocopiers. now, the bathrooms are off to the side of my's not like they're in a heavily trafficked area. i come out, grab the plate and IMMEDIATELY notice that one entire HALF of my mango is MISSING! i'm all like, furrowed-brow "HUH?!?" about it and then i look over to my right and A CLIENT IS EATING MY MANGO! WHAT THE EFF?!???????? who DOES THAT?!??????? this client is a regular and likes to make themselves at home...but still!!!!!!!! i mean, granted my old supervisor T and i bring in cupcakes and little chocolates and stuff, but if i saw a cut up mango (with the pit cuz i like to suck on the pit) and a rapidly browning apple on a plate, that doesn't exactly scream, "treats for everyone" to me. i was kind of taken aback and put off.

so now i'm all screwed. i have to eat another 1/2 mango to get the WHOLE fruit in me, but then what am i going to do with the other 1/2?????? i can't go to sleep tonight with 1.5 mangoes coursing through my bloodstream.

the inconveniences of being insane, i tells you.


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