Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lucky button-ness abounds!

but we can't crow too much about it lest the fates come down hard on my semi-charmed life.

yesterday was delightful! sunday was equally delightful although it was marred by a wicked bout of indigestion following a too-gluttonous trip to AYCE japanese land. i can't blame it all on AYCE, though. when the goosetang reconvened at casa del hones, we decided that we really needed something sweet. which of course meant that we had to pile into bwong's car, hit up a sobey's and "get inspired" by the freezer case, cookie aisle, and bakery department (in that order.) inspiration struck to the tune of a classic hamcamp klik viennese dessert table, consisting of: semi-frozen creme puffs, lil' debbie swiss roll cakes, a club pack of ice cream sandwiches, and a mixed pack of creamsicles (assorted flavours, which is a bust, because we all know that creamsicles ARE orange.)

my nascent acid reflux probably wasn't helped by the bile-producing interminable boredom that was 'amadeus.' dr. rei and the dotytron contend that it was the director's cut version that dr. rei procured that marred the film. i beg to differ. the director's cut and the theatrical release differ by about 20 minutes. the extra 20 minutes go towards epic opera sequences that last FOREVER and are just barely redeemed by doves flying out of a paper mâché horse's butt. i don't get it! it doesn't do anything to portray mozart's genius. the dotytron says that that's the point - they're attempting to demystify mozart. that's fine, i guess. but the framing device of using salieri's long-standing resentment doesn't do anything to help propel the narrative along. salieri doesn't come across as ENOUGH of a tragic figure. the performances are pretty decent, except for mozart's wife, costanze ("stanzy" to you and i) who seems to have wandered in off the set of 'rocky.' her line delivery and tone and accent and gestures were appalling. like, i don't know how this film won oscars, appalling. the film gets entirely too repetitive - there isn't enough propulsion in the story or in the development of the characters to make the destinies of the two principals engaging. as i said upon the departure of the goosetang, epic STANZY fail!

the win part of sunday was our meeting with trevor d, who is a goony guy but a consummate professional, or as consummate a professional as you would expect someone wearing triple xl sweats and some lower single teeth caps with photos of pit bulls as his screensaver to be. he was being very kind and considerate with us. lol! "look, i know these are probably your first grills, it's okay, i'll take care of you, maybe throw in a matching diamond in the canine for free." hahahahaha! it was very cute. plus, he's done grills for mtv and junior reid. i think it's pretty respectable and on the up and up.

also, the dotytron was SO GOOD at shopping! so well behaved! we started off at harry rosen in the eaton centre but we didn't like it. as soon as you walk into that place, it's like the sharks smell chum and even though you can't see them, you can sense that you're being stalked by 3-5 salesmen keeping a "discrete" 3 feet behind you. then when you finally dare turn around, you're left with the winner of the secret harry rosen silent tussle invading your face with a sharkish grin. our guy had the additional distinction of accessorizing his not particularly fashion-forward look with some inflamed coke-nostrils. lovely. we looked over the boss and zzegna and dolce and gabbana selections. but the dude was all up in our grill. then we tried on a few things, with the dude first scoffing at my hypothesis that the dotytron is a 42T ("no, he looks like a 40T to me" ) then getting out his measuring tape and confirming that actually, i was right.

we hightailed it out of there. we ended up in the bay. the bay is AMAZING. a lush, tranquil (the less charitable might say deserted) oasis of calm. you're left to your own devices to paw through things at your liking. fine, so you might have to chase someone down when you finally need assistance, or they might not have the size you're looking for, but the dude helping us took one LOOK at the dotytron, and casually said, "oh so you're a 42T, i'll show you what we have in stock in that size" with nary a brandishing of measuring tape in sight! it was blissful! we found a lovely suit, not in the light grey that i had originally envisioned (it did nothing for the dotytron's skin tone) but a lovely inky, blue-grey, that has the magical trick of turning different colours depending on what shirt/tie you match it with. you could totally see the dotytron getting into it, too! offering suggestions and opinions. it was amazing!

then, when we're finally ready to make our purchase, the guy helping us, mohammed ali (with no less than 35 years at the bay under his belt - responsible for the custom tailoring, to boot), tells us that he'll take down our credit card number and charge the suit and accessories to us in 2 weeks when it'll be 30% off!!!!!!! so nice!!!!! I FREAKIN LOVE THE BAY! who does that?!??? the hudson's bay company, that's who.

monday morning we did some tidying and cleaning in preparation for kdubstdot bbq action and then went to the park to play some frisbee while we waited for a court for no-rules tennis. it was so much fun! we've gotten way better at no-rules tennis in the year since we played last...we can actually get a decent rally going. first for the monday version of a sunday breakkie i made a fridge clearing kind of western omelette on a kaiser with orange peppers, green onion, diced genoa salami with swiss cheese melted on the bun, lettuce, tomato, and mayo (the swiss cheese and the mayo were total overkill.)

then the kdubs gang came over and we hung out and it was the BEST! s-dawg came over too and made a wonderful impression on everyone...i think J wants him as her second husband. this cemented through the unique bonding devices of tasteless, crass humour and les miserables singalong karaoke. i'm not gonna lie: les mis karaoke was kind of awesome. during the song, "confrontation" between javert and valjean, the group SEAMLESSLY broke into two parts, each group taking on the role of valjean and javert. it was awesome. special shouts to poor A who wasn't feeling well and was a total good sport. we missed the fireworks...but there's always canada day. the dinner was delicious. N brought the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the whole world...we had pop and chips and salsa and i made cheeseburgers and spinach avocado salad with toasted salted pumpkin seeds and we fried up cheese sticks and poppers and finished with key lime pie. deliciouso! so good i forgot to take pictures! me! forgetting to take pictures!!!

the short of it is: i love my friends and family with all the mush and gush that my craven heart can muster (a surprising amount.)

so last night, after we had ushered out our guests and tidied up the place, the dotytron and i went down to our subterranean lair and prepared for some 'john adams' bedtime viewing. the dotytron was in his undies and went running upstairs to grab us two glasses of water. when he returned, i spun around in my desk chair to accept my glass, only to come face to face with this, because me sitting happens to put me at crotch-height if the dotytron is standing:

yes, ladies and gentlemen. stuffing ice cream sandwiches in your underpants is precisely the kind of romance that somehow warmed a fire-breathing, heteronormative fighting, nuclear family smashing, feminist like me to the (oppressive) concept of holy matrimony. i dare you to resist the same.

tonight i saw a few houses with our realtor. one that we're actually considering. it's got good bones...in a super nice neighbourhood, across from a giant park (as big as withrow!) close to ttc, 3 big bedrooms, 2 decent bathrooms...the house needs a bit of work. it would be a step down, but there's room to personalize it and make it our own without having to live in flophouse hell.

dinner was pancetta, onions, garlic, and red dandelion greens with parm on farfalle. i made a salad too but by the time i finished housing pasta, i was in no mood to eat it.

now i'm doing futzy, house type stuff and trying to figure out what my new knitting project is going to be...what should i bring to knitting club tomorrow?  

hey, you know what we haven't had in a while?

roll call of awesome:

mindy kaling on twitter. she's one of the co-writers on the american 'the office' recently given her own show to develop. mindy kaling's tweets are PRECISELY what you want from a microblogging device. fun, funny, cutely insightful. she's not trying to EDUCATE you. she's not trying to TURN THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD UPSIDE DOWN. she's not trying to MINE YOUR DATA. she's not trying to PROVE HOW AWESOME TWITTER IS AT REVOLUTIONIZING CONVERSATION. it's just a window into her delightfully (and self-aware) slightly vapid brain. i love it. it makes me want to log onto twitter, which is more than i can say for 99% of the other dodos on there. sample tweet: "the american tradition of talking to your boyfriend on the phone until you get sleepy and incomprehensible is a great one." heehee.

she also has a a blog, called "things i bought that i love" where she talks about precisely that. sample line: "(n.b. an adorable and mortifying thing for a girl is when her boyfriend picks her up off the ground: ”oh god oh god are my spanx showing?! am I crushing his spinal column with my weight?!)" as someone who has been completely mortified when picked up off the ground by the boys i've loved before...i could totally relate.

read! enjoy!



Jennifer said...

I'm pretty sure that your bro is my male counterpart!!! I definitely want him as my second husband. I immediately loved him and when I tried to pinpoint what it was about him I loved so much, it hit me like a tonne of bricks...he's me!! I AM SUCH A COOL BOY!!!!!!!

Why is the Lee family so awesome???

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

okay, if basically tillers is my male doppelganger and my bro is YOUR male doppelganger - then i hate to tell you, jennifer, but you're basically committing incest.

have fun with that.