Thursday, May 28, 2009

knock knock

where have i been at? my dear friend T touched down on wednesday and is staying with me for a glorious week and a half so i've been preoccupied with that.

on wednesday i came home and we caught up and i made us a nicoise salad dinner with potatoes, blanched beans, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers, seared salmon, a poached egg, lemon vinaigrette and bagna cauda.

for dessert i made a layered rhubarb thing. i made a strawberry rhubarb compote, and layered it with meringue and whipped cream. it was underwhelming because it's been so humid (T brought the rain with her!) and the meringue was flaccid and limp and chewy instead of crisp. annoying!

last night was dodgeball and we met up with dr. rei and went to tacos el asador and feasted like kings. when i was literally full of beans, i then went to play dodgeball and had the opportunity to introduce T to the unique and slightly juvenile charms of my teammates.

today is a super fun day at work where we're celebrating a recent re-organization. WITH A PIZZA LUNCH!!!!!!!!! love the pizza lunches. adore them. i'm not eating any breakfast in anticipation because old supervisor T has been making tonnes of cookies and snacks and goodies. i made banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and a feta-fava bean dip that i'm going to serve with belgian endive and chopped veggies.

tonight for dinner i'm thinking i might grab ghandi's rotis for us and we'll do a celebratory dinner...or i might stick to the original plan and make a black bean chili w/ corn tostadas, guac, sour cream, and tomatillo salsa. we'll see. it depends how ambitious/motivated i am after stuffing myself all day at work. for dessert i'm making devil's food cupcakes with brown sugar buttercream. my mum has demanded cupcakes as "payment" for her legal services. she's kind of the most unprofessional legal practitioner i've ever met, considering she openly scolds her clients and calls them stupid (or maybe that's just!) i think she's been wearing her mom hat and her lawyer hat.

if this deal actually goes through, she can't technically represent us because it's a conflict of interest in the bank's eyes (i don't really understand why) anyway, we'll be having cupcakes tonight and i'm going to present T with her belated birthday prezzie.

yesterday my friend from my pastry chef days, M showed up at my work and we went for lunch. the other pastry chef at canoe, S was doing a presentation at holt renfrew for her new company, bobette and belle. they make french macarons in thrilling flavours like caramel with fleur de sel, gianduja with praline and roasted hazelnuts, madagascar vanilla buttercream. the packaging is ever so dear and my free samples indicate that the macarons are ethereal - crunchy, chewy little bites with the perfect amount of puff, airy sweetness, pure flavours. takes me right back to paris. i bought T a box of those (with the hopes that she would share!) and a lesportsac bag. i hope she likes her prezzies!

this weekend is a busy one. heading up to markham tomorrow morning. having brunch with G & family, M & family, K and her manfriend at the bluestone bistro. then my sister is showing up with her family, we're going to see UP! with the kids and then who knows what. then it's family portraits on sunday with my grandma and grandpa and then back downtown for dodgeball and then back up to markham for my grandma's birthday banquet.

i switched my day off to monday because of the big to do at work today, so i still get my long weekend, it's on monday instead and i get to spend it with T doing our usual toronto thing of shopping and gossiping. i'm pumped! she hasn't been to toronto in the spring/summer in 7 or 8 years.


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