Saturday, May 30, 2009

homeowner...helping homeowners

(almost.) i don't actually have the paperwork in my hands yet, which is what's preventing me from fully believing that the dotytron and i own a motherf**king house. a HOUSE. lil' ugmo is mostly ours (pending anything egregious that might turn up in the title search or on closing day.) there's too many pendings. so i'm not going to fully accept that i might be a homeowner...helping homeowners until i get the paperwork in my hot little hands and start pouring money into making lil' ugmo mine. the seller's agent is being a pain in the arse. first, even though the owners had signed off on it, the spouse hadn't. because the seller's spouse didn't come home until 7pm and the agent lives in richmond hill, she couldn't be arsed to come down and get her to sign it. the worse that could happen is that the seller's spouse could say, "i didn't agree to this" at which point my mom's would take them to court and sue the pants off of 'em. seller's agent finally got the spouse signature and then faxed it to our agent, but FORGOT to fax the first page with the owner's initials. argh! my agent is going to a wedding this weekend so i probably won't have it until monday.

note: your agent makes a S**TLOAD of money for NOT very much work. our agent drove us around for a couple of hours (maybe 6-8 hours maximum), haggled the night of the offer (4 hours) and then has maybe put in an additional 4 hours since then. i think in total, a generous estimate would be 40 hours of work. for that, her commission is going to be $7,000. SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. my mum seems to think that it's perfectly acceptable to haggle with your agent about their percentage of the cut. thankfully, you don't pay your agent if you're buying. but if you're SELLING?!??? get outta here!!!!! you gotta pay TWICE!

anyway, the mis-education of lil' ugmo is going to be assiduously documented on this blurg, although dr. rei feels like i'm going to need a separate blurg just for lil' ugmo's progress. never fret my lambs. i will show you how you too, can spend oodles of money you're going to be re-paying for many aeons and probably never recoup on an ugly east-end semi that you're probably going to outgrow just as it's up to snuff.

expect to see a lot of home furnishings in the roll call of awesome. actually, in the interests of organizing and for harnessing the power of 2.0 in all its cloud computing glory, i should probably create new installments based on room.

so here goes - introducing a brand new blog installment: my fair lil' ugmo - dining room edition.

dining room:

alumni classroom furniture makes seating and tables and desks for classrooms (duh.) based out of the ever-banging waterloo, they make some pretty stylin' and profilin' furniture that because it's meant for industrial usage, can probably take a lot of wear and tear.

these two (stackable!) chairs would make a thrilling addition to any dining room set. they're kind of eames-y. the first one, more so. it comes in more colours but truth be told, i kind of prefer the bottom one more. it's so cute! but it only comes in burgundy and navy. i think navy would be nice, but then i have to rethink my oil cloth short list. F-U-N!

can't wait to have breakfast with the work crew, their menfolk, and more importantly - THE BABIES!


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