Saturday, May 02, 2009


yesterday was little miss ramona's FIFTH birthday. she is FIVE! it was five years ago yesterday that the dotytron called in sick to work and he, my mom, and i drove down to geneseo, ny in the early hours of the morning to nervously circle the hospital. while eating breakfast in an IHOP, we got the call that the little miss was born and that i was officially an aunt, the dotytron and unkie dodo, and my mum a grandma.

holy eff the time has gone by fast. i have mild pangs that i don't have a little bobbin of my own yet and that my kids and my sister's kids are going to be far apart in age. but there's nothing that can be done about that when your mom didn't have the foresight NOT to wait 7 years between her first and second childs. ah well, in due time. to be honest, the dotytron has more anxiety about it than i do. lol! i think he underestimates how close my family is. i think i see my sister more than people who live in the same city as their siblings.

so yeah, that was pretty auspicious. what was MORE auspicious is that when i changed into a pair of jeans to go look at houses with our realtor, i found FORTY BUCKS in my pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to buy a lottery ticket or two with that money. perfect! this comes at a much needed time because even though i just got paid on thursday, because of my unrelenting and spartan savings/debt repayment regimen and budgeting, i only had $25 to tide me over until the next paycheque. ha. it's actually not that unreasonable - part of the budgeting had been spending money for when i go down to the states next weekend, so really, it was only money to carry me during the week - and now that i'm biking, it's really only money for spending on food or something.

but who cares about that now? I'M FORTY DOLLARS RICHER!

so much to tell you folks! wednesday night i worked late at work and came home to perogies prepared à la dotytron (per my instructions.) basically he sautéed some onions until they were golden brown and then tossed some perogies in and dotted them with butter and salt and pepper and threw it in the oven. the point is, i ate so many that i got 'rogie sick.

thursday night i met up with dr. rei and we went to my dodgeball game where i had a class-A wigout on the other team because they started getting all cranked that we were tooling them. in particular, this one blondie in green shorts shorts kind of hated me (blondes always hate me! i don't know why?) we got a dude on our team with a super insane arm and a really hard throw (eeen) and he hit one of their girls in the neck-chest region (close to the face) and then she said something like, "that's the third time" and then her lunkhead bf came rushing onto the court and started calling out eeen saying that he should ease up on his throws when he's throwing at girls. which OF COURSE makes me turn into instant apocalyptica, for a few reasons that i'll itemize here because i believe firmly in the beauty of an itemized list:

1) yes, eeen has an insanely hard throw, but it's not like his arm is so accurate that he could make adjustments and calibrate it so that what hits at the waist on a 6ft tall dude would also hit at the waist on a 5ft tall girl (she was short.)
2) he's not doing it on purpose.
3) their guys weren't letting up on the girls on my team, but because they had crappy accuracy and weak arms, it wasn't such a big deal
4) getting hit in the face is nothing. it kind of stings and you're kind of taken aback for a second, but it literally doesn't last more than 10 seconds of shock. it's a foam ball, fer crissakes.
5) it makes me about 10 different kinds of insane when people think that girls can't take the treatment in dodgeball. it's coed mixed sports. either stand up and take it like a true playa, or step down and play with julio down by the schoolyard, 'naw mean? i would NEVER ask a dude to lighten up on me. throw it as hard as you can! i want to be able to catch that shiz...i want to get better at the game.

anyway, that was that drama. so i started yelling my little buckshot shorty face off and running at the mouth (not very sportsmanlike of me, but whatevs.)

then i went with dr. rei to meet some of her tuesday night dinnie crew at duff's for wings and fries and such. it was a good time...we covered a lot of conversational ground - state sanctioned gambling, agency, the was good times.

yesterday after work i went and checked out some houses with our realtor. attention all potential home buyers: when the listing says "attention renovators" STAY AWAY! lol! generally when houses look too good to be true for the price on the listing, it's because there are nests of rats living in the place (seriously, i saw a place that was like that.) some of the houses were disgusting. obviously suffering from years of neglect and being used as boarding houses. it was gross. i am NOT prepared to do that much work to a house for a few reasons - i don't have that capital available, above and beyond the purchase price, and as much as one of the houses broke my heart because it was soooo big and beautiful and the bones were there, you were looking at $100,000 in renos. plus the house was listed at a stupid price. if it was $200,000, then fine, that makes sense. this place was $335,000 and it was the one that looked like it hadn't been lived in in 50 years (the sad thing was, it was tenanted up until 3 weeks ago) and literally had PILES of mouse crap in corners - it was so gross we hand sanitized the eff out of ourselves after.

i saw one cute place...same owners for 50 years...lot of love. super outdated but the kind of thing where it's livable...mostly cosmetic had one of those cute attic lofts where you have this hook thing to pull the trap door with stairs down from the ceiling. that was the most viable. the realtor said it was good coming out with me so that she gets a sense of what i mean when i say that i'm willing to do some work. am i willing to take a place down to the brick? no. am i willing to basically live in tent city while my house gets worked on for a year? big no. anyway, i really really really like our realtor and i feel we made a good choice.

i made a quickie dinner of the old reliable spicy beef and kimchi udon and then we went and saw the first of our hotdocs. in deference to K's geriatric schedule, i'm not going to do a review just yet until she's had a chance to see it. i don't want to spoiler alert anything.

today is errands, working on the garden, baking bread, researching disney restaurants day. then i'm having dinner with my mum and her friends and s-dawg at lemongrass in the no-man's land between markham and scarborough. it's getting super good reviews. then we're coming home and SLEEPING! i'm feeling mega sleep deprived lately and tomorrow is a big day with dodgeball and two documentaries.

a demain.


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