Wednesday, April 15, 2009

quickie non-chicago related interlude


yesssssssssssssssssss! (mimicking the dotytron's reaction to the REACTABLE) i LOVE LOVE LOVE anthropologie! i've completely given up on everything but undies at urban outfitters. for the most part it's too lindsay lohan/nylon magazine-y and young tart for me. plus the quality of most of the stuff is crap. occasionally you find something cool on the sale rack, but otherwise it's too "wearing glasses frames without the lenses" for me. i can't do that. it's not me. free people (the other line in the same family) is a little too boho for me. too portland not enough so-cal.

anthropologie is JUST right for where i'm at now (aka gearing up for summer, when i want to look my most nicole richie-est) - i love most of the stuff there. some of it gets a little too retro-y, 50s throwback and some of it gets a little too crafty/piece-y/applicquéd in the free people vein, but most of it is perfect. that oh-so-lagerfeld mix of tailored, boho, and sunny california hippie, that i love love love.

problem is, stuff gets mad 'spensive. it's kind of a grown up lady version of urban and is priced accordingly. that's why i'm only going to ever hit the sales rack. sometimes you get mad deals! in chicago i literally had 23 items to try on from the sales rack. it was so plentiful! i got an anna sui smock-eyelet top, regularly priced at $158, for $29.99!!! (USD, but still!) what a scoop! they carry a lot of lines that i like, like anna sui and ella moss.

they also have cute housewares too! some shabby chic type drawer pulls and gorgeous latte bowls that would make fantastic sunny little accent pieces in any kitchen.

plus, the store is going to be on the east side of town! in a new mall called the "shops at don mills" which is at don mills and york mills which is pon the east side flex.

in other non-chicago related's the end of an era. the roomie has started looking for apartments for her and l'army. she's probably moving out in june or july. yikes. we don't know whether to replace her or not. a new roomie would have to be extremely compliant, have enough stuff for their room and only their room, be okay with submitting to the meal plan and not filling my fridge with random non-meal plan oriented foods, and not have people over all the time (ie. either be content hanging out with me and the dotytron or go outside to hang with their friends.) also must be okay with cleaning the bathroom and never be weird about money. see? it's a tough call. the roomie was perfect. le sigh. i guess i can go back to the heteronormative couple-centric living that the dotytron and i experienced's just nice having a friend around all the time, especially because i get scared being home alone. hopefully she'll find a place nearby. there was a PERFECT place (ie. we could see each other from the front porch) but i think the rental market is crazy right now and it was only on craigslist for 2 seconds.

anyway, if any of you know someone who fits the description above, let me know!


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