Saturday, April 25, 2009

oh gosh!

friday night was a blissful night of gabbing with the house family (the roomie was off call and around for a change!) and eating pizza from danforth pizza house and fried chicken from city fried chicken and then being crippled with remorse afterwards about how there is fat collecting in my arteries.

i seriously needed a night OFF. this weekend is another insanely social one. this morning i'm doing usual saturday morning stuff - going for a run, yoga, grocery shopping, trying to reset the regulator on my bbq, working on the garden, etc. then i'm going to meet H, baby D, and her friend M - we've all started a knitting club together as M really wants to learn how to knit so we're going to meet up on queen east, walk to the purple purl and then either head to my place or withrow park if it's as nice as it claims to be (although from the looks of the weather network it's not going to be as sunny as initially reported) and do some knitting and gabbing.

then tonight i'm going to have the goosetang clan over for dinner to celebrate dr. rei's forthcoming birthday and bwong's just passed one and to see their faces all together which hasn't happened in a while.

tomorrow morning we're getting up early and driving to kdubs to visit J & A who we haven't seen in MONTHS AND MONTHS (it feels like.) it'll be nice to visit them on their home turf for a change, as it always seems like they make the drive to the big smoke. then we're heading back early b/c the dotytron has a paper to write and i have dodgeball to go to, then we're meeting with our realtor in the late afternoon to find out what the heck a realtor does.

fun times!

danforth pizza house has been around for 40 years or something - it's old skool pizza...not quite new york style, not quite true blue naples style...more like italian in toronto style? like a red sauce joint style. like pizza pizza but a billion times better. slightly thinner charred crust with a nice bit of chew and a generous hand with toppings. it's fantastic. for whatever reason, this has been our first time going there - i'm not sure why. laziness, wariness about the dilapidated storefront, me being uncharacteristically bourgeois about my pizza establishments, who knows. the fact is, the place is pretty barebones in the toppings department - no spinach, arugala, or fancy cheeses. but for a $16 basic large pie with two toppings, it's solid. good amount of cheese on that puppy. the guy who makes the pizzas rivals only the guy who works the deli counter at masellis (mr. maselli?) for age/frailness/degree of difficulty hearing. it breaks your heart. we're going to be supporting them from now on for all our local pizza needs - we don't know how long they're going to be around for!

then we decided to make the gluttony complete by hitting city fried chicken at the same time. oy vey! you can see where the guilt was coming from/in!

so we've been practicing our performance kiss for the performance. oy vey again! the dotytron says it should last to a count of three...but that just seems unnatural to me. i like the quick kiss OR a full blown make out session (i live my life in extremes) - but this is somewhere in the middle and well, it kinda makes me feel awkward. hopefully we get it down by august but right now we have differing opinions about how it should go down. lol!

in other news...i found THE BEST old skool jungle mix online...two parts, each 30 minutes so it must be copied from a tape, but the sound quality is amazing and the tunes are all the tunes you want to hear. last night as we were driving to pick up a propane tank from home depot, we heard "under mi sensi" (the jungle version) and it gets to the 2:45 mark when the amens drop and it's like instinct - my right hand pops up with the gunshot daps. lol! it's the hypest shiz around - i've never heard another form of music that immediately makes me so blitzed and makes me feel good and makes me want to dance and makes my heart want to jump out of my chest. i was telling the dotytron that when/if i get knocked and go into labour, i kinda of want to have the soundtrack be an 8 hour jungle mix - with ragga jungle during the most intense times. it gets me so PUMPED! i think our midwife/doctor is going to be all weirded out - most people choose calming music, but i don't really get that. it's NOT calm! i want the adrenaline pulsing. we'll see how that goes. maybe i'll hire a dj and get caddy cad to mc my delivery. lol.

okay it's 8:30 and the day is running away from me. gotta flash!


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