Thursday, April 02, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack

...B****ES! just kidding. i would never say that. in fact, i find it supremely annoying when young people (and it seems to be more of a girl thing) do that. the point is, rory tate (that's my computer's name) is back up and purring like a circle researcher half his age. i LOVE a good reformat! especially when your lovely partner quietly sits downstairs while you're making dinner and loads 'er up so that when you come downstairs faintly exasperated that he hasn't been helping put meal together, you immediately feel like a cad of the highest order when you're greeted with this:

seriously, how amazing is the dotytron? i'll tell you: VERY. QUITE. THE BEST (i know that doesn't properly answer the question just posed.)

first things first, i've updated past posts with the yummy tasty dinnie pics you've been missing out on. tonight we had a little passover goodness in the form of matzoh ball soup (dr. rei: never fret, m'dear, i swapped out the matzoh ball soup for something you're going to enjoy MUCH MUCH MORE for dinner tomorrow.) we all know how much i loves me some matzoh balls. ESPECIALLY green onion and dill matzoh balls, drunkenly drifting in a chicken soup lazy river dotted with carrots, fennel, onions, and celery, butting up against parsley and dill flotsam.

i also cranked out a GIANT batch of chocolate buttercream, with which to frost the 2 dozen cupcakes i made between tonight and last night. i have discovered the secret to flat topped cupcakes. however, the devil's food cake batch i made tonight has flour nuggets in it. oops! ah well, silky, smooth, moussey chocolate buttercream hides a multitude of sins.

in other news...we have a realtor (!!!!!!!!!) we have a couple of high school chums who ended up being real estate agents but we weren't really sure about working with friends. their incentive to hustle isn't as great, plus, if it doesn't work out, you're really not as comfortable saying, "sorry bubs, you're doing a bad job, we want someone else." also, one of them is based out of markham and the other one is on the west side...we wanted someone who knew the east side of town. so we're using this girl who rented the apartment upstairs for a year. it's the perfect balance. we kind of know her, so it's not like she's a stranger (we also have some leverage because the roomie is her midwife), and she knows the east side (based out of here and bought her own house on this side of town.) i'm feeling pretty optimistic. she's already found us 28 places in our price range, which is good! it's still pretty discouraging when you check house prices in waterloo and see what you can get for the same if not less than what you pay for an okay "starter home" in toronto. it's a pretty convincing argument for us to pack up and make a new life in the 'loo with our dear dear kdubsguelph crew.

tomorrow evening me, the dotytron, and the dr. rei are hitting our friend G's 30th birthday social at B & G's house. i've adopted dr. rei for the weekend while hanbo is golfing in myrtle beach. i LOVE my bff! i LOVE my new(ish) computer! i LOVE it when it smells like spring outside and you open the windows and that sweet smell comes and washes away the winter furnace funk! so despite the fact that i've had some setbacks this week the indomitable spirit of k. lagerfeld, esquire perseveres and TRIUMPHS!

i'm aided in my pursuit by the fact that the dotytron comes home and regales me with funny stories of kids being the funny little goons they are. to wit: today in the midst of his after school guitar program, a girl in his class (which is mostly made up of grade 7s and 8s) suddenly interjected with, "what do you think happens when you die?" which spurred a lively debate, where one kid's contribution was, "i see myself climbing a giant set of stairs, and 'eye of the tiger' is playing and you get to the top and then it's heaven" which is BEYOND AWESOME. i really, really, really hope this kid is right and that's what it's like because that's the best possible ushering into the great beyond that anyone could ask for.


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dr. rei said...

yay! i'm glad all is well in the world of mg lagerfeld *knocks on wood*(must not tempt fates...especially the chinese fates that are watching you)

i love being adopted by you! BFFFFFFFF <3!!!111oneone1111!!!11mokaonly