Wednesday, April 01, 2009

*deep breathing*

WORST. so, my computer at home has just been wiped in the great reformat of 09. i offhandedly mentioned that weird april fool's day virus to the dotytron which naturally made him go berserker and unplug us from the internet last night. he's like, super duper uber paranoid about viruses now. so my computer at home isn't operational AND i can't connect to the net to get all the programs i need. me being me, the part of me that's addicted to my various spreadsheets and lists (the biggest part of me) is shriveling up inside from lack of access to my beloved excel and word documents. AND i can't post any of the yummy food we've been eating. AND i had to bid adieu to all my bookmarks.

a reformat IS an exciting time, but it's also stressful because like most ocd-type A personalities, i don't do well when my life is in flux. i like everything just so, exactly where i left it, suspended in a tidy, crystalline system of my own devise.

this week has been a comedy of errors so far. i feel like i'm still going backwards. hopefully things will right themselves shortly. i'm looking forward to tonight's dinner, which is a steak sandwich on ace ciabatta bun with blue cheese, sliced tomato, and arugala and a fennel, radicchio, and romano bean salad.

last night we had spaghettini with T's chilies, chili oil, garlic, finely grated bottarga and bread crumbs and a salad with a too-raw-garlicky ceasar-ish dressing.

hopefully i can update with photos tonight when my computer is all set up and purring and i have access to picasa again.


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