Saturday, April 04, 2009

classic times

at m-r-i high. last night was the funnest! first, we chowed down on chilaquiles, which is one of my favorite home-cooked meals of all time. and by "chowed down" i mean "inhaled to the point where i now have regrets that i didn't properly savour the deliciousness of what was before me." seriously, i ate it SO FAST because it was SO GOOD but i had instant regrets that i didn't stop to properly TASTE it, because let's face it, it's going to be a good half year at least before i make it again. we also watched 'jeopardy' together but it was a poor showing because i was too busy eating and wasn't paying attention to the categories.

we did some mad reminiscing about the jungle days that brought us goompas together and how awesome our old stomping grounds (the torontojungle message board) was, as far as message boards go. it's probably the best message board i've ever seen, which is a reflection of the unique melting pot that was the toronto jungle community. in its' heyday, it was the perfect, heady mix of grad students who liked to get all dutty and brock out; ridiculous goons from scarborough; a million aliases a second; constantly reiterated and self-referential jokes that would go on for years; psycho chicks, drama, and hilarity. AMAZING. then we all shed a tear for our days of jungle glory past. and how, despite what the n00bs would have you believe, we were effin' cool because there was such a perfect combination of sincerity, nerdiness (fat pants and pacifiers?!??), subcultural connectivity through the circulation of specific signifiers, and the use of mood-enhancing drugs. sigh, the glory days. (for the record, dr. rei and the dotytron were way more susceptible to jump-up. i have always had impeccable taste in jungle.)

the thing about jungle is, even though toronto was the biggest outpost of it outside of the uk, it doesn't carry the same scene-recognition as other subcultures that have lived and died. like, if someone were to say, "oh yeah, i saw the new york dolls at cbgb's" that CONTINUES to hold a lot of currency and traction to people today. being part of the jungle scene doesn't mean anything to anyone anymore. not the short-memoried citizens of toronto and certainly NOT north america at large. no, if i want to rehash the good ole days and talk about the time i got a kiss on the cheek from dj hype and have it mean something to people other than the few, grizzled toronto old-timers left standing, i have to go to the uk. they GET IT there. it's part of their cultural history, whereas the mass movement that resulted in ravers campaigning for their right to party outside nathan phillips square at idance (2001?) was all-too-soon swallowed up in the yawning chasm of toronto's flighty flirtations with cultural movements.

sorry, where was i? oh yes, last night. after a good gab session we rolled up at B & G's place for G's birthday party. there was a good mix of generally friendly peeps there - high school mates, new funny people, generally engaging and good humoured cats with stories to tell - good times, even if it WAS one of those dreaded 'house parties' i loathe so much. it actually went about as well as one of those could go. good mix of personalities and no a-holes (no obvious ones anyway, there were probably latent a-holes, me being one of them.) also, i don't know who brought those cupcakes, but they were AMAZING. just kidding, it was me, and they were obvs amazing because real buttercream is the ill na na, seen?

i've been a busy bee this morning (as per usual.) i weeded my fiction and non-fiction collection to add some books to the pile of vhs videotapes i'm making the dotytron get rid of. i weeded through my clothes and swapped out my summer gear for the winter gear. i cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor. i ate a bowl of grits with butter, maple syrup, and milk. i did some more organizing of the chicago trip. i'm about to head out for a quick grocery shopping mission and then go meet dr. rei and R for some ancaster fair reunionining and then dinner at tacos el asador with the dotytron and then home to rest because we're meeting our realtor tomorrow morning AND we were out wicked late last night.

i'll post pictures of dinner. i'm already famished!


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