Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another brief interlude

i know, i know - you're all chomping at the bit for alinea review.  fret not!  tonight i got home late because i had dinner at tacos el asador with a new friend, S.  then i came home, did my weights, and got a little spooked in a face off with a raccoon while trying to hustle a yard waste bag to the curb.

anyway, we may not have time for a lengthy review, but we DO have time for another thrilling installment of -

roll call of awesome:

lately, i've been OBSESSED with the look of a traditional, english, chesterfield sofa, preferably in a gleaming black leather. it's so posh! i know i'm generally miss mid-century modern/affordable design, but i feel like there's something about these sofas that still harkens back to great screwball comedies from the 50s, when the intrepid girl reporter would be trading quippy barbs with the clueless gumshoe detective in an office featuring just such a piece.

i know they don't look all that comfortable, but they must be! this velvet version would kind of be a nice middle ground, but it still doesn't look as nice as the leather version, i think:

the other thing i've been festering over is reupholstering a wingback chair:

you can find these chairs for a song on craigslist. there are detailed instructions for reupholstering them online...i feel like i have the drive and werewithal to make it happen - just need an electric staple gun and some needle nose pliers and my keen eye for colour. i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do this! i feel like i could turn poo into slightly more gilded poo! i'm thinking either a quirky toile, or a traditional upholstery fabric but in a different colour, or maybe a gingham or tiny houndstooth. houndstooth would be ill. or, ideally, a red and black buffalo plaid, but i'm not sure if that's my inner hipster speaking. i just think a wingback chair in red and black buffalo plaid would be dope.

finally, i've found my quilt pattern. i'm going to try my hand at making this bad boy:

isn't it gorgeous? i don't think i have enough fabrics to make mine do the same kind of colour progression but i don't think it needs it. it'll look just fine without the subtle gradation. i'm pumped!!!

yay projects!!!!!



Anonymous said...

your brain makes me fucking HOT.


karl lagerfeld, esquire said...

egads! you! please don't judge my ugly blurg...i have a list of improvements i'd like to make but i need an html wiz0rd

Anonymous said...

i think it looks great dude...

and i dunno if you've seen my site lately. html wizard i am not.. more like html retard :)

Anonymous said...

KL = narcissist
Anon = hipster lover

karl lagerfeld, esquire said...


Anon = pr0n king
KL = narcissist

50% right.