Saturday, March 07, 2009

sir thomas more = original badmon

so i'm frantically trying to finish a little knitted bolero for my former profs J & S's baby. i'm going to their place to decorate cupcakes for L's birthday party and to visit and it's a no presents party but i don't like showing up empty handed. i've made a LOT of headway (i'd say i'm about 60% done) and i'm steadily plowing my way through season 2 of 'tudors' as my knitting viewing accompaniment.

i don't think i'm giving anything away to say that sir thomas more just got iced because of his scruples. i remember reading 'a man for all seasons' in oac english and it had an indelible impact - what can i say, i gotta love people with integrity (atticus finch, i'm looking in your direction.) a little bit of wikipediaing revealed that sir thomas might have been a little teh creepz0rz (wearing a hair shirt, engaging in flagellation) but in the 1400s and 1500s, seriously, who WASN'T a little creepy? poor guy. i feel bad for him. i should re-read 'a man for all seasons' if only because i haven't read a play since the years long ago when i was required to.

you know what makes me feel old? the fact that it's 2009. more importantly, that raves were like TWENTY years ago (or just starting 20 years ago). an entire generation! it's a cultural historical footnote for the kids nowadays. they don't know what the crap it's about. it's weird to have lived through the life of a subcultural movement. i don't know why i'm fixated on that one in particular (probably because it defined my formative years) but still - IT'S TWO THOUSAND AND NINE! what the heck?!??? i was thinking about it yesterday but it was brought even closer to home because we started watching this british series called 'skins' which is about the scandalous lives of 16 year olds in britain. it's like a cross between 'coronation street' and 'gossip girl' with wackier characters and way more lasciviousness (i can't BELIEVE how the brits are so blasé about showing boobs AND hoo-has during prime time television!) anyway, at one point in the series (which is decent - it makes for pleasantly vacuous, mildly entertaining, but not very engrossing passive watching), the kids are at a showcase for these mcs, who are terrible, and whose equipment goes on the fritz. the crowd starts grumbling and there's about to be a major mutiny, when the dj steps in, and drops 'original nuttah' and everyone starts brucking out and the night is saved. to quote tina fey: "i want to go there." it would be kind of awesome to live in a city where 'original nuttah' is like, a retro pop song that you can drop anytime, anywhere. BEST!

so today is a pretty lowkey day taken up with a lot of knitting and trying to get this thing done. i'm using up leftover yarn from another project...i was worried that i didn't have enough so i had to cannibalize a baby sweater i had knit up ages ago but didn't have an intended recipient for. i thought it would be kind of traumatic unraveling a sweater but it surprisingly went down pretty easy. i'm making a dessert for dinner chez dr. rei and hanbo tomorrow and maybe doing some exercises and small errands on the danny. otherwise, it's me, henry viii and anne boleyn, and a pile of yarn i'm trying to wrassle into a garment.

but tonight! tonight we're going to see 'the watchmen' - if i'm not frantically trying to seam a garment tomorrow i'll post a full review. i've also read a slew of YA fiction lately and i have to review that. i've discovered a new favorite YA author (although really, i think his work transcends the oft-pejorative use of the classification), john green. he's EXTRAORDINARY. we're also having vegan shepherd's pie and beignets for dinner tonight. tasty!


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