Sunday, March 29, 2009


not me, my computer! i think i have some kind of malware or spyware or even worse, some other virus i know less than nothing about because my computer is acting all funnies! all my web browsers crash a million times a second! it's very stressful. i've backed up all my shiz onto my spare harddrive but i'm composing this post on the dotytron's computer and well, it doesn't feel right. it's not the usual chinotto is my nemesis routine and i feel it keenly.

last night was fun. i got to call bwong out on talking about the tower of babel all the time. sometimes bwong will incongruously drop in a tower of babel reference that doesn't really fit the context of the conversation. it was funny. BUSTED! dr. rei also got owned when she said, "you mean king kong?" to the dotytron, when the dotytron had just been talking about hong kong. so no, he didn't mean king kong. lol!!!

dinner turned out so-so. the pork was really tasty and very jerky. i LOVES me some pork of my favorite cuts of meat. it tastes good at all stages. when the collagen is still all tight and the meat is a little chewy and tough and you get a thick bite of still resistant fat - sublime! when the pork has completely lost all form and shape and is a loose collection of shredded, tender meat - delectable! i wasn't happy with the rice. some of it was still crunchy and i called a last-minute audible and cooked the swiss chard in with it. i think it was a bit of a mistake.

for dessert i made that pecan caramel banana upside down cake. the caramel crystalized for whatever reason and was more of a hard, crunchy, sugar-mountain layer as opposed to the oozy, goopy, drippy mess it's supposed to be - but it was still delicious. hanbo took one bite and told me it was awesome. lol!

'i love you, man' was kind of disappointing. we didn't lol all that much. it was kind of lacklustre. to be honest, i kind of liked 'role models' a bit better, mostly for the kid painted up as the cat person in KISS. 'role models' was a bit more cohesive and showed a more judicious use of supporting players. 'i love you, man' wasn't very winning. the couple who bickered and then had hot sex weren't featured enough for you to get a handle on them, so they became these stock characters. also, their cutting remarks weren't that funny and the guy was a legitimate boor, so it didn't make sense or make you care.

it was a waste of andy samberg. he wasn't very funny at all. all the characters seemed to be playing stock roles that they didn't invest with enough personality or life to make them relatable, or funny beyond your standard, taking-cracks-at-gay-guys trope. i didn't really believe in the relationship between peter and sidney. i didn't see their connection. there wasn't enough of that improvisational humour that makes the work of the apatow gang so hilarious. paul rudd's character was a loser. unlike the '40 year old virgin,' which kind of makes the situation completely plausible and realistic, it didn't make sense why rudd's character didn't have male friends and he wasn't as endearing as steve carrell in '40 year old virgin.' i didn't get why rudd's character "broke up" with segel's character. you knew it was coming because that's the conventions of this genre, but i didn't know why.

overall, the whole thing didn't work for me. i love jason segel and i usually love paul rudd, but this wasn't the best showcase for their work. you know what i DID love, though? rashida jones' (who's gotten too skinny!!!) wardrobe. EVERY OUTFIT could have (should have) been mine! MINE!

there was this one yellow top in particular that she wore with 70s, trouser-y/flared jeans that made me instantly insane with jealousy at the fact that it wasn't currently hanging in my closet. totally gorgeous. it helps that she's such a looker!

so...i'm kind of racist. i'm pretty much in charge of planning the hawai'i vacation, so i'm doing all the research. the other night, i was reading a hawai'i guidebook in bed. frustrated, i shut the book and said, "it's SO HARD remembering all the names of stuff! it's all 'kamuelakaka poipoi lanaihela' this or "hanipele malakehueha' that!" i turned to the dotytron, looking for some commisseration with my plight only to find him staring at me with his mouth agape. heh. yeah, i can see how i'm being a dick.

lately i've been saying all kinds of wacky stuff. last week when i was all crankers, i was talking about how the tentants upstairs had given me a cheque for last month's bills that was short $0.02. maybe i AM overreacting. but i think it's weird that you would PURPOSELY choose a lower figure (the 2 cent difference makes the entire total different) when i give you a printed note with the full cost breakdown, but whatever. in a low, even voice, i told the dotytron, matter-of-factly, "you know, people are really trying to piss me off lately," only to look over to see him laughing at how ridiculous i sounded.

the other day as we were getting ready for work, the dotytron off-handedly said, "i killed a giant spider in the tub, i flushed him down with the spray from the shower-head." he then went on a bit to describe the spider, to which i responded, in hushed, anxious tones, "that's TERRIBLE!" he was all like, "what, the news about the spider? uhhh...i guess" lol! i don't know if i'm explaining it well. but suffice it to say that recent buzzwords around here have been "that's terrible!" and "people are really trying to piss me off lately" lol! it still makes me laugh!

tonight for dinner i made pizzas using a crust featuring sourdough starter. one had tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil leaves (margherita). the other one had sliced potato, rosemary, and roasted garlic. i think they turned out kind of pooey. the crust was kind of crackery. i don't know what i did wrong. i've been off on my cooking lately.

okay, i'm out of time at the dotytron internet café.


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