Monday, March 09, 2009

*shakes fist*

at daylight saving. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i hate spring forward. fall back, i love. fall back i welcome into my life with open arms. spring forward is a dicknose. i don't care about the extra hour of sun (she says, in the depths of march at its most leonine)!

yesterday was a giant gong-show from the get go. we got in from 'the watchmen' rather late, in bed at 1:30am, woke up at 8:30am, to find that it was actually NINE THIRTY am due to the confounded vagaries and demands of agrarian life. this led me to LOSE MY S**T as i ran around the house, trying to put together breakfast, tidy up, pack my bags for a full day of no less than 3 activities, make arrangements, and do my exercises. this inevitably lead to me screaming at the dotytron: "DOTYRON, COULD YOU PLEASE COME UPSTAIRS AND HELP ME OUT!???!##!!" while he blissfully went about his laid back sunday morning routine, while i was simultaneously trying to crank out angry crunches, smush down a corned beef hash, and pack my bags. it wasn't pretty. i was supposed to be at my prof's house for 12pm but was half an hour late, and i LOATHE being late.

things settled down after that. i'll post pictures of my corned beef hash breakkie tonight. we had it with fried eggs. i sacrificed my portion to the broken-yolked ones as i felt it was suitable punishment for not setting the clocks ahead the night before. never underestimate the power of corned beef hash to soothe a plethora of ills. thus fortified, i visited with my prof and her adorably cherubic baby and hung out there and ate cupcakes, went and played dodgeball, met up with dr. rei, window shopped and gossiped and philosophized, and then headed to dr. rei and hanbo's house for dinner.

dr. rei has been feeling the pinch and pull of a harried busy life lately, so we awaited the arrival of the dotytron and bwong and then settled in for a goosetang night of delivery panzerottoes (BWONG'S FIRST ONE EVER!) and a dessert that i had concocted especially for my bff. i made a banana cream pie, with a bitter sweet chocolate layer, a salted caramel layer, vanilla-flecked pastry cream, and bananas. it was delightful. i hope she liked it...banana cream pie is one of her favorites, but this had so many tweaks, it wasn't the classic one she was used to. it was very rich and filling and absolutely divine in its own right.

so. 'the watchmen' was okay. fine. nothing spectacular. crazy old alan moore is right: the source material was not intended to be and could not successfully be translated to the big screen.

the casting was pretty on point. i think malin ackerman is a terrible actress - flat and wooden to the extreme, but she fills out the costume nicely, which is kind of the point of the female superhero, except i kind of think that moore was critiquing the rampant misogyny of the genre in the comic. the dude who played ozymandias was an outright mis-cast, coming off kind of nebbishy and cerebral - like niles from frasier. the thing is, the ozymandias of the comic IS fantastically cerebral, but at the same time, is also paragon of all-american, aryan, brawny physicality - most of the time in the comic he's depicted vaulting off a pommel horse (i'm only partially joking.)

the movie is VERY faithful to the comic, to a fault. certain scenes and events that add depth to the world of the comic are included in the movie and result in an over-long, meandering film that lacks the central narrative core to make it compelling or exciting. i found myself lulled out of a daze brought upon by the disjointed, episodic treatment of the film by the sheer kinetic energy of the fight sequences, which brought the movie to life. there's an inspired opening sequence that i quite enjoyed that neatly summarizes the back story that sees the dystopian, paranoid, american alternate world turn against masked heroes and vigilantism and sets the stage for the post-superhero milieu of the film. music choices are a cheesy and hackneyed. they didn't make smart, sly obvious soundtrack choices. instead, the songs are SO obvious that they drive straight off the cliff and land in uncomfortable, cliched zone.

i wasn't optimistic that snyder had the vision to make this film. he has a singular command of visuals and textures that lends itself to comic adaptations but he lacks the discipline and creativity to make the characters sing. '300' traded in tarted up stock characters and (sometimes uncomfortable) stereotypes...all style, no substance. 'the watchmen' suffers the same fate. the comic perfectly encapsulates the waning vestiges of cold-war paranoia and dystopian, crank, cyberpunk-tinged, mindset that characterized a certain subset of cultural production in the 80s. it plays with archetypes and is a damning indictment of an america still reeling from the failures of vietnam and the omnipresent threat of nuclear holocaust and urban blight.

the problem with the movie is that it presents a ramshackle, disjointed collection of characters that become simplified to the point where they no longer have any signifying power beyond their 'hook'. they movie turns them into flat, 2-dimensional superheroes - so easily pigeonholed by their one identifying skill/power/character trait - which does a disservice to the richly realized world moore created and the message (i believe) he was trying to convey. you're either going to have an introspective character study, or a rock'em sock'em brawling joy ride. the best comic adaptations manage to be both ('the dark knight' par example.) this gave you neither - it wasn't deep enough to provide food for thought, nor shallow enough to provide corporeal thrills.

i have to say, i was more excited for some of the trailers we saw. 'terminator salvation'! 'xmen origins: wolverine'! (sorry sister, i can't get behind the new star trek - i care not!) the summer movie season should be a good one and may is going to be a busy month...i have to clear my schedule! lol!

i'll update with some food pictures tonight after dodgeball.


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