Thursday, March 12, 2009

sekkle down, sons

wow. i just gotta say this...people need to calm the f**k down about twitter. mashable and boing boing do not a movement make. there's more people going apes**t about twitter than are actually USING it - it's a matter of the co-creation of the zeitgeist again.

i just gotta say: remember cloud computing?!!!? I DON'T!

i really don't see the use of twitter. it's ANOTHER forum to amplify the inane, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing, and self-promotional weaknesses for marginally interesting people. i've said it before and i'll say it again: i'm really getting tired with this culture of entitlement, mediocrity, and inanity.

anyway, i gave twitter an honest try. i followed a bunch of people who are THE BORINGEST (richard florida, malcolm gladwell, obama, a fake tina fey) and i really, really, REALLY don't understand the appeal. the problem with the frequency and ease-of-use that twitter enables is that, like the first wave of facebook status updates gestalt, people are under no onus to be funny, creative, or challenge themselves to put something out there that's WORTHY of being put out there. the last thing we need is this global nation of context-disabled, functioning illiterates to further cement their rapid entropic intellectual atrophy with 140 character sound bites. *shudders*

this post from naked capitalism kind of gets at what i find distasteful about twitter (although i like to pride myself that i would never stoop to making a hackneyed reference to orwell or doublespeak *shudders*)

i should be watching the dotytron's sister perform tonight. the dotytron however is STILL going buck and it seemed like poor time management to trek out in the middle of the productive hours of our evening to catch her set, and then leave right after (she was opening for the trews, and as a wise bwong once sagely stated, time is our most precious resources and not to be wasted on impotent, signifying nothing, generic can-con rock.) i've never heard the trews, but i suspect they suck. like, they're rock music for moms. short break for a youtube excavation okay. i was right. F**K. i waste SO MUCH TIME confirming that i'm right about stuff. not only do i waste my valuable productive time, it's like self-flagellation - i willingly subject myself to a physical and aural assault for the sake of covering my butt the next time i have to talk to some n00b who won't concede to pwnage until they've managed to subjugate me under the yoke of empirical methodologies. le sigh.

okay...i'm off to do more stuff.

tonight for dinner we had that fried goat cheese, lentil, bacon, and baby arugala salad with baguette. i have a picture for you but the dotytron has commandeered the camera.


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