Friday, March 06, 2009

living the high life

dudes, i cannot reiterate enough how much these every-third-fridays off PWN. it's a gift! i love it! although the dotytron informed me in no uncertain terms last night that if/when he gets a teaching job in the school board, he's going to be working 4 years on 1 year off. i can live with that.

last night i went to watch dr. rei's rec bball team, the compact pressarios, go down in ignominious defeat. actually, it wasn't all that ignominious, i just wanted to use that word. they put up a good fight, but there wasn't much they could do when they were up against a team with a GIANT, blonde, amazon who - rumour has it - used to play in europe. they were also up against the dunkingest dude ever, who easily towered by a foot over everyone. the best part of the game was that the dude who runs the league, this short, little, mustachioed gentleman who keeps score, sat all the teams down for a pre-game talking-to.

in the change room, the team that had played before had warned us that we were going to get a talking to, because apparently the notorious poor-sports of the league had gotten into mad drama with another team the preceding week. guys, the TALKING TO WAS THE BEST THING EVER. super mario called everyone and made them sit on the bench and then proceeded to ramble on about how he was giving everyone the same speech because he didn't want to show favoritism, and how everyone had to dial down the competitiveness a lot and how it pained him to have it come to this because he really had tried to create a PARADISE OF RECREATION here and it was unfortunate that some bad eggs were spoiling it, etc. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost had to bite my fist that line was so ace. a paradise of recreation!!!!!!! then he went on to say, "look, there's no point getting competitive, we're all in this together, and the connections you make here with the other teams are important. i mean, i didn't want to have to say this, but there's a good chance that a lot of you are going to lose your jobs this year and the connections you make could get you work in the future." i'm paraphrasing, but the key thing to remember is that i'm going to lose my job this year (believe me, you're not half as shocked as i am to find that out) and that i'm going to be working for someone i met in rec sports. a-mazing!

this day has been awesome so far. it's unseasonably warm, so i'm doing laundry, airing out the bedroom, tidying up the house. i went to a yoga class, did my grocery shopping, gonna wax my 'stache and pluck my eyebrows and plan our chicago itinerary, book our segway tour (!!!!!!!!!!!), make a dessert for the dotytron, knit, throw together a batch of chicken stock and freeze it, prep some beignets for our new orleans feast tomorrow night, and chill the eff out. it sounds heavenly, doesn't it?

tonight for dinner we're having croque hermaphrodites (a croque monsieur with a fried egg on top, but without the bechamel/mornay sauce to make a classic croque madame) with a fennel, radicchio, and grapefruit salad. i think i'm going to throw together a batch of tapioca pudding to warm the dotytron's downtrodden, tired, overworked heart. i'll update with pictures tonight.


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