Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just a quick note

i've been feeling extra frenzied lately - trying to lock down two vacations is a little stressful and the pressures of living a semi-decent life that encompasses a few of my regularly scheduled hobbies. plus the 2009 hotdocs schedule was released last night so trying to whittle down the hundred or so docs and find the magical balance between: light-hearted fare; heart-wrenching human interest stories; heavy political stories; heart-wrenching political stories; educational political stories; glossy, slick entertaining documentaries; something to do with music (for the dotytron); our schedule totally exhausting and a logistical nightmare. i think we've got our picks sorted...i'm going to phone it in and hopefully grab our tickets tomorrow. phew!

tonight for dinner we had leftover lamb stew with root vegetable mash.

allow me to leave you with this little tidbit: we are now the proud owners of our very own MAH JONG TABLE!!!!!!! and our own set of lovely, vintagey 70s green mah jong tiles! let the tournaments begin!


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