Monday, March 30, 2009

i need a do-over on today

this has not been a very auspicious/productive start to the work week. i've cooked two meh meals the past two nights (i was so mad about the pizza last night! so mad!) and my computer is on the fritz, but i got a good night's sleep.

woke up today, things were going well, running a little behind, but i had packed my healthy lunch and set aside my clothes and packed my bag the night before. just before i'm about to leave the house, i see a house centipede scurrying on the wall above the bed. i grabbed my useless copy of nylon magazine, strategically placed close to the bed for just such a purpose, and smashed the crap outta the bug. i then watched in dismay as the centipede's body ricocheted off the wall and fell into my nicely made bed (pillows upright, sheet folded over, comforter smooth), into some soft, jersey crevasse. knowing that i was making myself late for work i gingerly shook through all the bed coverings but couldn't find the bug's body, so i had to get the dotytron to promise promise promise to wash all the bed stuff when he came home.

bogus. then i got to work only to find out that i had left my security pass at home. double bogus. then, i wasn't at work for more thant 20 minutes when i realized that i must have a virus on my work computer. so both my work computer AND my home computer have been compromised. so i didn't have a computer to work on for most of the day. my job basically boils down to being a human search engine. this is no longer possible without access to a computer. my work computer ended up having to be completely wiped. argh. the nice thing is, that i get to store all my shiz on my personal drive at work, which means that i don't have to worry about transferring a virus back and forth, which, after talking to our IS peeps at work, i realized i might have done when i backed up all my files on my hard drive. fail fail FAIL. i'm hoping that's not the case. the chances that the virus is hiding somewhere in my endless word documents and excel spreadsheets of things to do and budgets and lists and restaurant city guides seems pretty unlikely to me.

but i had just finished d/ling all of 'undeclared' which means that if the dotytron gets his way (and believe me, there is NOTHING the dotytron loves more than re-formatting) they'll be gone in 60 seconds. i've never known anyone to take so much satisfaction in reformatting. in fact, that was his first suggestion when i first broached the fact that my computer might be compromised. "well, i won't have time to reformat it until later this week." i may not be the most computer literate person, but i kind of thought that there were a few intermediary steps you could take before having to wipe the whole thing. not in the dotytron's universe!

then i took one bite of my healthy lunch and decided (in conjunction with my pms cravings for deep-fried and protein and the knowledge that tonight is dodgeball and therefore ipso facto take-out night at casa lagerfeld, dotytron, and roomie) that i deserved to eat something i purchased. but i didn't want to go out. so i ended up hitting the caf at work for the third time ever. "deserved" might be selling myself short. i got a grilled cheese sandwich and fries with lumpy reconstituted gravy and now i feel like hell. lol!

on top of that, everyone is going BUCK about the new harmonized sales tax (HST) announced in the budget and of course, those questions fall into my subject cluster, and of course, i was cluster lead this morning (sorry to get all jargony on yous) when like, 5 questions on HST came in, which means they're my responsibility.

parker lewis can't win today. lol!

i'm looking forward to playing dodgeball and eating fast food and knitting and putting everything else on hold. ugh. i still have to hang up laundry and make the bed when i come home tonight. but! tomorrow is a new day and i will meet it with renewed resolve. do-over!


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