Saturday, March 28, 2009


i feel like i've lost time somehow. i've been doing stuff, kind of. but it's the boring stuff that doesn't make for exciting epistolary updates. like, right now i'm eating breakfast. but it's not the kind of exciting breakfast to make someone perk up and take notice, you know? and i'm going to go for a run shortly. and go to a yoga class. and do my grocery shopping. and sharpen my knives. and make dinner for my dinner guests (the goosetang clan.) all details and minutiae that i know, in my heart of hearts, isn't exactly the most scintillating stuff. things have settled down for the time being *crosses fingers* but you really never know in this economy and as a coping mechanism, i've been shutting off from the world when i get home. the dotytron's been super busy with homework so he's usually futzing on the computer and i'm reading in bed. totally uninteresting.

yesterday i spent most of the day with the roomie. first the dotytron and i went to the bank and talked mortgage. it's looking better than i thought...we've gotten pre-approved for a not insignificant sum that won't leave us peering into cardboard boxes under the dvp in search for our abode. if we wait until the dotytron is working full time, our situation improves considerably...that means we're looking at something that might conceivably NOT be a fixer-upper. spring is crazytime for home buying anyway, so we might wait a bit until he has a full time salary and then look again in earnest when people are at their most desperate in the fall and winter. but at least we have a range right now to look in, so if we find something perfect, we can go! our lady was super nice and played around with the numbers on our behalf and entertained our stupid questions.

then i met up with the roomie to visit her friend L, who had a baby in july that i only met for the first time yesterday. oops! i blame the roomie for being anti-social. then we went shopping and i got my performance shoes fixed! they were a pair of $175 dollar seychelles that were perfect - peep-toe, vintage styling, pewter, with a thick wedge heel so i wouldn't be tottering around - marked down to $35 because they were the floor model. they were a half-size too big so my heel wasn't sitting in the back strap properly. i kind of thought the shoemaker would have to cut the strap and re-sew it, but no! he sold me a $7 pad to stick in the toe of the shoe and that totally took care of things nicely. so my performance shoes cost all of $42! what a scoop!

then i went bikini shopping. i effin' lurve bikini shopping. i really don't know what it is. i go swimming literally like, twice a year, but as dr. rei says, "no one loves shopping for swimsuits more than you." lol! i tried on some stuff and found a cute pair of shoes that i like, that i think would be suitable for work and play. they're cheap, too! only $60 bones:

i can't decide between these two colors. i'm probably going to get a brown pair to leave at work, as well. and then my summer shoe shopping is complete.

i also hit joe to see what they had in terms of work gear. not much. slim pickins, especially in my size. the annoying thing about joe is that you have to try EVERYTHING on because there's so much variation in the sizing. i suppose this is what you get when you have $10 tops and $29 jeans. i'm also in the market for a breathable, lightweight, waterproof or resistant jacket. i saw one at lululemon that weighed about as much as 2 pieces of tissue paper, but it was touted as being "water resistant" not waterproof. hrm. maybe all roads lead to mountain equipment coop after all. i also need a pair of hiking boots. apparently some of the trails in hawai'i volcanoes national park trash your shoes and you need the ankle support for the unsteady, uneven ground. it was such a gorgeous day yesterday it was nice just to be outside. i'm starting to get antsy for my landlord to replace our washer. i want to switch over my winter and summer clothes and all my summer stuff needs a good, solid, washing.

see? i told you: boring.

thursday night for dinner i made a quick veggie pasta. we had gemelli (little s-shaped twists) with sauteed broccoli rabe (aka rapini), a crapload of T's chilies, and some garlic and pecorino.

last night for dinner was another veggie meal. i made falafel balls with a tabbouleh salad and some tahini-yoghurt sauce for drizzling. it was hella tasty. we also broke down and fried some jalapeno poppers which were so so so good.

tonight as mentioned, we're having the goosetang clan over for dinner. i'm making jerk pork, coconut rice'n'peas and sautéed swiss chard. for dessert i'm making that banana caramel pecan upside down cake with a scoop of bought vanilla ice cream. then we're going to go see 'i love you, man' sounds like a pretty ace saturday to me!

okay, now i'm off. i gotta do a crapload of boring life stuff today.


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