Saturday, February 28, 2009

wake of shame

well, last night's bacchanalian feast had the weird effect of knocking us both out at like, 10pm. i ended up making a baked brie, which i cribbed from L (she made it at the farm.) it's basically a wheel of brie, encased in pillsbury crescent rolls, baked up, then smothered with pepper jelly (in my case i had cranberry pepper jelly) and scooped up with crackers (whole wheat triscuits here.) it was AMAZING and it has haunted my thoughts ever since.

what better occasion to crack it out then a bacchanalian feast? the dotytron wasn't a fan of the cocktail weenies...he felt you could taste the cost-cutting measures in the forcemeat. i only had a spoonful or two of my chocolate pudding before settling into a well-deserved, earned, and unstoppable slumber.

i've had a humdinger of a week, with barely a moment to catch my breath at work. the upside is, i'm feeling much better now. the downside is i bailed on my plans to hit my friend's birthday party. ah well, sometimes you just need a chance to reset and shake off the work week - that's what friday nights are for.

today i've got a friend-filled, event-filled day. i'm going to do my exercises shortly and eat some breakkie, and then i'm meeting up with dr. rei for a stroll along queen west. i'm after a new knapsack and some bras. and then i'm going to hit up an office supply store because our cheapo filing cabinet from office depot is falling apart and because of the recent pay grade bumps, i have a little extra floosh to drop on some office-grade filing cabinets. i want them to be fire engine red. or cobalt blue. then i'm meeting up with H and baby D and we're going to seedy saturday at the wychwood barns. it's a big seed exchange thing. i'd like to grow stuff this summer aside from flowers. we're also meeting up with my friend L there, if the timing works out.

then home, for a knife sharpening and blog prettying lesson with A & C and then out to dinner with them. we haven't had a chance to catch up with them since they got engaged! we're eating dinner at bistro camino, which has been generating huge buzz and is supposed to offer amazing prix fixe menus by a french-trained japanese chef. AND it's on the east side! AND it's on an otherwise economically depressed strip of the danny. and it's owned by a cute old asian guy which means that it's guaranteed to tug at my heartstrings and sympathies. i'll post a full review with pics tomorrow.

in other not-so-new-news: i love werner herzog. we watched most of 'encounters at the end of the world' last night before being lulled to a cheese-and-carb fueled slumber, and it is extraordinary. sure, herzog doesn't maintain the detached distance of the traditional documentarian, but when you have a personality that's so dry and wry, WHY WOULD YOU? his voice overs are the best. a) his voice and the cadence of his speech is amazing. b) his insights and observations are equal parts poetic, curious, and hilarious and delivered in the most deadpan way.

in this film he journeys down to antartica, meeting the strange, oddball types who all somehow converge at the end of the world, spending time in the largest community there (mcmurdo station) before venturing off into the field to follow various researchers, glaciologists, biologists, and scientists. herzog is desperate to escape mcmurdo, calling the yoga studio and exercise facilities "abominations" lol! at one point, interviewing a well-traveled, starry-eyed adventurer who is rhapsodizing about her many scrapes in guatamala, herzog interjects with a voiceover: "her story goes on FOREVER" lol!!!!!!! speaking to a phd linguist, herzog again inserts himself into the interview: "in the time i spent talking with him, 3 or 4 hours, it occurred to me that 3 or 4 languages had been lost" he also talks about the banality of a world where humans will work tirelessly to save whales, but don't bat an eye at the disappearance of an indigenous language. I FREAKIN' LOVE THIS MAN. why won't he be our friend??? i really feel like we would get along well with werner, ESPECIALLY the dotytron. it's a beautiful, philosophical, moving documentary and i highly recommend it. i didn't even finish watching the thing, but that's how much i believe in the power of werner.

two years ago, the dotytron dragged me to a documentary about tea during hot docs. imagine how thrilled we were when werner herzog makes a cameo appearance in the doc! he's actually friends with the kooky tea dude (of course.)

anyway, the moral of this post is that werner herzog is the best and we're kind of obsessed with him.


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