Friday, February 27, 2009

so i might have lied

about healthy eating starting tonight.

the weather (grey february days and rain) and my pms are conspiring to make me want to bunker down, watch torrented movies with the dotytron, and compile a bacchanalian feast of: vienna sausages (cocktail weenies to you) as a kid, i used to eat them by the CAN, sometimes with the improvised, gourmande touch of microwaving them slightly so they got browned on the outside - so gross but so good...also, the dotytron has never had a cocktail weenie! travesty of travesties!, kraft dinner, chips and dip, maybe some kolbassa (i'm craving meat like crazy), and some kind of sweet thing for dessert. maybe i'll make chocolate pudding if we have eggs at home (the roomie is supposed to pick up our re-up from the mennonites, but has been birthing babies left, right, and centre.)

the sundae pie was pretty aight for $1.50. it's got a thin brownie/cake bottom, then an indeterminate chocolate and white topping with more chocolate squiggles on top. the filling tastes like cool whip (so, freon).

anyway, i'm checking out for the night...back to business as usual and non-fat-little-weirdo states of being tomorrow.


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