Friday, February 13, 2009

shook one

i don't know what happened to minute, i was a competent and adept knitter, flying through projects with the greatest of ease. now, i put the finishing touches on my mom's hat (the do-over), took it off the needles, and found that i had a giant unraveling HOLE that was growing bigger by the second. i couldn't believe my eyes - i kept tugging at the hat incredulously, watching the tiny loops unfurl and the hole widen and gape like a yawning abscess. disheartening to the max.

one of the things on my to-do list today is to "figure out knitting" (seriously, that's how it appears in my day timer) do some grocery shopping, visit a florist, pick up lobsters and then come home, do yoga and exercises, sit my butt down on the couch, watch movies and knit the (hopefully) now figured-out knitting.  i think i have to accept that i'm horribly behind on my gift-giving knitting and just start a project that feels right.  hand-made knits are always appreciated, right?  even if they're years late???

tonight for dinner we're having a family valentine's day dinner. i'm doing steamed lobsters with butter for dipping, cheddar-scallion-sage biscuits, and spanish green beans braised in a smoked-paprika kicked up sofrito.

then we're going on a double date with dr. rei and hanbo. we're going to eat dessert at this new chocolate shop/dessert place called moroco chocolat. i took a peek inside the other day on my lunch. the decor is very baroque parisian lounge (for someone who's never been to paris). everything was also REDONKULOUSLY expensive. like, $3 a macaron expensive. like, $16 for a box (beautifully packaged) of chocolate dipped candied orange PEEL expensive. ORANGE PEEL! THE PART YOU THROW AWAY! i worked with the pastry chef at sen5es...she was the one who actually hired me and oversaw the commissary. she also low-balled me on my salary. some of the stuff is similar to stuff i saw at sen5es and i also recognized the general manager of moroco - he used to do front of the house stuff at the restaurant too. anyway, dessert is going to be our one valentine's day concession. we usually go out for a meal, but considering that alinea is going to be the equivalent of all our eating out for a year, we're trying to be restrained. the place is also across the street from the cumberland, which is where the movie is showing.

i'll post a full review tomorrow and update this with dinner pics later.


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