Wednesday, February 11, 2009

odds and sods

- i have successfully answered two final jeopardy questions in a row. tuesday night's was ridiculously easy...wednesday night required a bit more deductive reasoning, and i wasn't confident, but it ended up being right in the end.

- my mug of milk last night smelled strangely and inexplicably of human b.o., but because i'm a creature of habit and because i believe strongly in the sanctity of the union between sweet cakes and milk, i doggedly kept at it - i have to admit, it wasn't entirely unpleasant. i think the source might be that the roomie does the dish washing in our house and not only insists on natural (read: ineffectual) dish washing detergent, but also won't wear rubber dish washing gloves, which means that - lacking the insulating protection that the gloves offer - she ends up washing our dishes in lukewarm water. it's kind of gross and sometimes i have to put dishes that still have a greasy film back into the sink for a second go around.

- i applied for a gold visa with my bank online because i wanted something with no annual fee, that had collision damage waiver insurance for when we rent a car (CDW ends up doubling the cost of a car rental.) when i didn't hear back, i called visa and found out i got declined. this was VERY troubling for someone like me who prides herself on her fiscal responsibility, unnaturally high osap repayments, and fastidiously prepares a monthly budget months in advance, leaving myself a spending allowance of like, $50 every week because i'm crazy like that. i went into the bank and tried to figure it out and immediately reverted to kid-in-the-prinicpal's office demeanor, desperately trying to decode the customer service rep's body language to figure out why i was declined and shamelessly prostrating myself for assurances that i was in good standing with the bank (i am, i ended up getting approved, i probably filled out the form wrong.) i'm not going to lie, it was quite an unbecoming display of neediness - whatever the financial institution equivalent is of grade grubbing. i wanted good credit rating gold stars and i was willing to stop at nothing debasing myself to get them.

- faithful readers of this blog know how insane i am about sorting and vigorously maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of my garbage, recycling, and the receptacles that store the aforementioned.  nothing stresses me out more than having a dirty green bin, and at that, nothing makes me more distraught then when the raccoons get into the green bin, knock it over, and the first thing i face when i leave the house to go to work is a pile of rotting vegetable ends strewn about our walkway.  it guts me.  to this end, i've devised a system whereby we encircle the green bin with heavy things on all sides so it can't get knocked over, and then weigh down the lid with no less than 3 bricks so that they can't open it up. the emphasis isn't unintentional. for some reason, toronto raccoons have such brute strength at their disposal that the odd times when the dotytron or the roomie only stacks 2 bricks on top, we're inevitably met with food waste armageddon the next day. to this end, i've developed the saying: "2 bricks are an invitation, 3 are a deterrent!" which i repeat like some daft, urban detritus sage as a reminder when the green stuff goes out. i'm crazy. I'VE DEVELOPED A SAYING ABOUT BRICKS ON MY GREEN BIN.

tonight for dinner we had leftover spicy grain and black bean soup (frozen and defrosted) with cheddar cheese quesadillas and salsa and sour cream. super simple, super easy. the dotytron is having no less than 50 stress related meltdowns a minute. poor little guy. the antidote for that is a long weekend spent in upstate new york watchimg M-TOD, playing with the kiddies, and making your colon asplode at brian's u.s.a diner (my sister is freaking out because they've been advertising for cooks in the penny saver - i say: bring on the penny saver talent!!!)

because we're being fiscally responsible, we don't TRULY get the benefit of the long weekend and my FOUR DAY WEEKEND because the dotytron has to work on saturday. this is HELLA bogus but it's the right thing to do considering he missed a couple of days of teaching when he had the flu. i'm a little gutted about it...i'm not gonna lie.

the watchmen is INCREDIBLE. a game-changing comic that is a dark, swirling, thick and sludgy descent into the depths of pessimism, cynicism, and cold war tension. alan moore is kind of a notorious brilliant curmudgeon in the comics world, and no wonder...the dude looks like this:

the watchmen is DENSE. there are about 4-5 different parallels stories that are interspersed within the main narrative, one featuring a comic a periphery character is reading, a treatise on owls written by the night owl (the second), journal entries from rorshach, letters, an autobiography - and the world is so vividly realized that it's hard to see the connection between the standard comic parts and these collage elements. it has a mystery type main narrative arc, following a group of former vigilantes in a united states that has banned masked vigilanteeism and is continually teetering on the brink of nuclear apocalypse with russia. the psychology of the characters is twisted, real, and conveys a certain tired, gritty world-weariness. this is not the fantastical, glittering metropolis that meets superman and spiderman with open arms. this is a dirty, seething, roiling, troubled nihilistic world beset with decadence and deviance and the watchmen all have different answers to the problem (ranging from dr. manhattan's quantum physics, the contemporaneousness of the past/present/future approach, to rorshach's absolutist violence, to the night owl's everyman idealism.)

i can't recommend it enough. it's rich, satisfying, laden with intertextual references, and captures the moment when it was written (mid 80s). i'm worried that the film won't be able to do it justice...i can't imagine that it will. bringing something like that to the big screen and satisfying the core fans is a herculean task. it's also not something that franchises well...i'm not sure hollywood and the director (the dude who did 300) is up to the task. we'll see. the viral marketing campaign is off the chains though.

k, that's enough out of me for one day.  i can't believe i don't have to go back to work until tuesday!  can i say again that my earn-day off is THE BOMB?!???

roll call of awesome:

it's really wrong to love a chair as much as this...but the herman miller eames recliner with ottoman is a touchstone of design. it's like visual opium - so soothing, so warm, so clean.  


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