Saturday, February 07, 2009

my opus

we went to bed pretty early last night...passing out at around 10:30pm after watching the first episode of the newest (and last) season of battlestar galactica - now we only have 2 or 3 more to catch up and we're in real time.  

i'm always totally knackered by friday night anyway and this weekend is a full one.  today i'm meeting up with H, M and baby D to do some trawling around kensington market for haloumi and other random assorted goods.  then we're heading to kitchener to hang with the kdubsguelph crew at our friend's housewarming party.  excitement!!!  i love seeing people's houses!  

i've already eaten breakfast and i got to do a bunch of stuff before i head out...boring saturday stuff like laundry, blogging, mopping the kitchen floor, yoga.  i also have to bake a cake for tomorrow night's festivities with the goosetang clan.  

i did however manage to finish my opus this morning.  what is my opus you ask?  well, every time i travel to a new city, i go on an exhaustive search of my magazine tear outs, my file folders, my collected travel issues of food magazines, my food blogs, chowhound, etc and cull a list of restaurants in the city in question.  i then construct a chart/table with the restaurant name, type of cuisine, address (hyperlinked), transit information (if available), reservation information, hours of operation, and a notes column for the restaurants website, dishes to try, etc.  it's kind of insane and HIGHLY ocd.  i just finished my chicago one.  it's running at 9 pages long but it's a thing of beauty.  my new york one is even more insane.  once i get started, they become works in progress and i update periodically.  i'm pretty happy with the chicago edition.  it's got good coverage between the fine dining molecular gastronomy joints (avenues, alinea, moto, etc) and the beef sandwich/hot dog/deep dish-stuffed crust pizza places.  a bunch of gastropubs thrown in there, and then the last few pages are dedicated to mexican food (taquerias, cemitas, sopas, etc.) 

the tough part will be narrowing everything down!  i know for sure that we're definitely going to have one blow out, insanely expensive, 4 hour long meal at alinea.  then the rest is up for grabs.  i'd like to eat at one of paul kahan's places...probably his new gastropub, publican.  definitely want an italian beef sammich, some deep dish pizza (bwong brought me back a stuffed crust in the summer, so we're going to try deep dish), and then check out some of the creole/southern brunch places (a trip to the US is wasted if i don't get biscuits with sausage gravy.)  and i really want to go to a taqueria AND either get cemitas or carnitas.  my tummy is already growling in anticipation!  i'd also like a chicago dog or two and some garrett's popcorn.  i'll have to consult with the dotytron.  

as nerdy as my charts are, i gotta say, they've never steered me wrong.  

okay, the day is running away from me (i ended up spending some time on  gotta flash!


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