Friday, February 06, 2009

lean back

so glad for the weekend! things picked up like crazy near the end of the week and all of a sudden i have like, 7 questions at work and all this extra stuff to do.

we were going to see "the class" tonight but the dotytron wasn't feeling up to it.

my old supervisor T and i were doing our usual, friday "what are you cooking this weekend?" exchange and i was listing off the meals i had planned when she said to me, "you really like themes, don't you?" DO I!!!!!! i LOVE thematically appropriate meals and i have to say it would totally stress me out to have a moroccan tagine with a ceasar salad or something. that's not to say that i can't think outside of the box - i can...and i think i can be a playful, creative cook sometimes, but more often than not i like to revisit what works. so tonight's meal was a night in poland/austria. we had pork schnitzel with butter-sauteed mushrooms, topped with a fried egg and a squeeze of lemon. on the side we had boiled yukon gold potatoes tossed in sour cream with chives and dill, sauteed red cabbage with some red wine vinegar, and pickled beets. after a meal like that, on a cold night like tonight, you can see why we opted out of bundling ourselves up to brave the cold to see a film. we can always go next week.

even though we're not supposed to be having dessert during the week...i had leftover tapioca pudding so i warmed that up and thinned it out with some more milk. i LUB tapioca pudding! i'll post the recipe below. it's so easy.

roll call of awesome:

les miserables (the musical - the book is good, but hella long and wicked expository) when i was a kid, ever-pliable to the pop culture influence of my sister, i went to a bunch of musicals (this was the era when andrew lloyd weber kind of owned broadway for a while.) i saw miss saigon, les miz, phantom, aida...all the big guns. i had seen cats, joseph's amazing technicolor dreamcoat, the one about rollerskating in the future (found it: starlight express), and had been lulled to sleep over many a family car ride to the tunes from jesus christ superstar. my family was one of like, 10 that actually WATCHED the tony's. then musicals became overwhelmingly uncool and i kind of left that part of my life behind.

about 3 years ago, my brother was driving us back from visiting my sister at some ungodly hour of the morning. it was 6 am, we were bleary-eyed, crammed like sleep-deprived anchovies into his yaris. it was winter. my brother got into the driver's seat, put on his winter gloves, slowly and carefully deposited a cold mountain dew into the driver's drink caddy, started the car, placed a cd into the cd player, and proceeded to sing the entire les miserables soundtrack all the way home (all parts sung by the s-dawg.) it was glorious, it was hilarious, it was the most surreal early morning drive i've ever witnessed. this past winter, bwong showed up and we went out for dinner somewhere and he drove us home blasting the soundtrack from his souped audio system in his car. les mis came up again at the farm, when we were treated to J and B's recreation of the dramatic confrontation between javert and jean valjean.

the dotytron went out and bought the original broadway cast recording, and it's effin' awesome. les miz is actually one of the only ones to truly stand the test of time. we've been listening to it while we make dinner and singing along. i've managed to cull untold humour from calling gavroche a chav, every time the little bastard pops up on the scene.

the dream is, that for the 10 year anniversary of the dotytron's annual christmas cd, we're going to assemble all our les miz-obsessed friends and family to recreate the entire musical. how awesome would that be?!??? what an opus!!!!!!

roll call of bunk:

the whole hipster/crafty fake mustache thing has gotten out of hand. i think that H's friend D is the first person i know who started sporting a curlicued mustache from the days of yore. this was at least 5 years ago. now they're everywhere! i'm not trying to suggest that D is ground zero for hip mustache appreciation except that maybe i am. also! H and M (who is incidentally, D's sister) have had a "mustache dance" since i've known them. dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun.



tapioca pudding
serves 4-6 generously (4 you get a 1 c. portion approximately, with 6 you get 3/4 c. portions)

2 c. milk
1/2 c. sugar
1 can of coconut milk
1/2 vanilla bean, scraped (optional)
6 T. pearl tapioca (not the quick cooking kind)

- bring the milk, sugar, coconut milk to a boil in a saucepan
- add the vanilla and tapioca, stirring
- reduce to a simmer, and cook for about 20-30 minutes until the tapioca is cooked through. stir occasionally so that the tapioca doesn't burn and clump up.
- serve warm, or pour into dishes and refrigerate (put plastic wrap directly on the surface if you don't want it to get the pudding skin. i'm a pudding skin fan)
- if you're reheating it, put it back into a pot and thin with a little milk to desired consistency.

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Jennifer said...

we're going on a field trip to see "entre les murs" (the class) with some students at the end of february! [i know i know...pretty dodgy field trip but we gots very limited "french things" in my neck o' the woods]
i have yet to see it, but i've heard great things. i look forward to reading your review.

les mis recreation....yes... yes... YYYYYEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!