Thursday, February 26, 2009


people of chinese descent have a genetic predisposition to LOVE lesportsac gear. or maybe that's just me. i can't help it! the line manages to combine my favorite things: colours, cute prints, indestructibility, practicality. seriously, if they're good enough to court stella mccartney for two straight years of collaborations, and fafi, and countless other amazing designers, they're CERTAINLY good enough for me. and you really can't beat the price. so whilst my contemporaries routinely blow $300-500 on leather, au courant handbags by the likes of marc jacobs, miu miu, balenciaga and the rest, i'm perfectly content to have something that looks cute, is comfortable, holds and compartmentalizes all my stuff, AND leaves me hands free. look at the "lakeside" print!!!!! *bites pillow*

i actually just bid on that little number on ebay. i think it'd be a great travel bag, with the three tiers and all.

COUNTDOWN TO THE WATCHMEN PREMIERE HAS BEGUN. truth be told, i don't have high hopes, but i'm cautiously optimistic. i also kind of want to go as rorshach for halloween next every other nerdboy out there.

tonight i went to see the dotytron's practicum's school's production of 'aladdin' - it was kind of awesome slash terrifying. the kids were awesome, the parents were terrifying. it was like a sea of old people. wicked old people. who looked hella old and fantastically schlumpy. how do people stop caring!??? what happens?!??? please don't ever let me get that way. i'd love to take a lesson from my mom - don't get me wrong, her home clothes are straight off the grimy street vendors of hong kong, but when she leaves the house, she puts some effort in. they also laughed at s**t that wasn't funny. i was laughing about how AWESOMELY gong-showy the production was...the parents were like, ACTUALLY laughing at the silly puns. please don't let me get like that. the day i laugh at puns (i don't know if 'c**tainer' counts) is the day that i've crossed the line into doddering irrelevance.

my siblings' new word of the past weekend was "apologist." as in: "i'm a chris brown apologist" "you're a c-hova apologist!" "you're a irish jean valjean apologist!" lol!

i'm a fast food apologist. last night i had made tonight's meal, in anticipation of the fact that we were going to just have enough time to stop at home and shovel some food down, before trying to make our way through a mob of enabling parental units to secure some decent seating at the show. i made egg salad and borscht. i also bought smart food because i didn't actually think we'd have time to eat a meal at home, so i knew we'd need something to tide us over. well, we got home, quickly toasted off a slice of bread each and had an open-faced egg salad sandwich (oh egg salad, how i love thee - EGG ON EGG, WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE???). then we ate the smart food at the show - the idea being we would come home and sensibly eat the borscht for a healthy repast.

but no. no sooner had we pulled out of the parking lot than the wicked impulse to pay a visit to my lady wendy's house of artery-clogging repute took up residence in my id. we pulled an audible and pulled up in the fast food drive of burger king instead, except this place had a busted sign that only read "burg" (it's inelegant, but it gets the point across.) the dotytron placed his order, and looked over at me, "i'm not that hungry," i said. as he turned around to tell the disembodied robot-voice that that was indeed all, i frantically clawed at his arm and ordered a double whopper meal with onion rings and a coke zero (concession to health), and then MADE SURE he also placed an order for the hershey's sundae pies. lol! what's wrong with me? i invariably spend $20 at burger king. it's like a talent. an utterly useless, horribly unhealthy and self-sabotaging talent.

this was not made better by my realization that i can't fit into my jeans of yore (like, my favorite jeans from 2 years ago that developed a hole in the crotchal region and that i couldn't throw away but strangely decided to pull out of retirement for my attendance at a CHILDREN'S musical theatre production.) i blame my office job. healthy eating will begin again in earnest tomorrow. i'll also give you my thoughts on the sundae pie.


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