Tuesday, February 03, 2009

hypochondria chronicles

okay...so for the past year or so, i've had this weird thing where if i don't eat enough and then do physical exertion, sometimes my vision gets a little funny. like, there's this weird blurry patch that's shaped like a lightning bolt or fine, fuzzy hair in my centre-left field of vision. it has the effect where i can't really focus on that particular area (almost like i had just looked at the sun and that spot is not in focus.) usually it goes away if i eat something and then lie down with my eyes closed for a while. it happened to me last night, so i'm kind of freaking out that i've got diabetes (don't ask me why i chalk everything down to diabetes.) wow. i hate google for self-diagnosis...it could be a heart arrhythmia (i totally spelled that right on the first try!)!!!!! or stress!!!!!!! or my retina could be detaching!!!!!! i'm kind of freaking out and i don't know who i should see. should i go to my optometrist? or my family doctor???????

last week when the dotytron was sick, the onset of his flu also happened to coincide with some neck stiffness from sleeping funny, but i freaked out and thought he had meningitis and called home like every half hour with increasingly hysterical directives to "GO TO THE HOSPITAL RIGHT AWAY IF YOU HAVE A FEVER - WHEN IN DOUBT, GO TO EMERGENCY - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO A WALK-IN CLINIC!!!!!!!" and looking up meningitis somehow led me to flesh eating disease which is like, my worst nightmare. any kind of sepsis is my worst nightmare. i once went through the roomie's medical textbook on birth and pregnancy and scared myself celibate. it was basically an hour of me reading about all these "rare" conditions which consequently lead to me having a breakdown and inundating her with staccato demands that she provide me with statistics on how common they are.

my mum is going in for the cochlear surgery today. i hope she's okay and her transition to having a bionic ear is fairly smooth and intuitive. i'm going to visit her tonight at the hospital if at all possible, but i have to stay late at work to give a presentation so i'm not sure if i'm going to make it there before visiting hours are doneski. the prospect of seeing my mum with a shaved head is more than a little unsettling and makes me sad, even though she tends to keep her hair kind of short. i'm not sure how big the incision is going to be. she had me knit her a hat (very specific instructions - black, with a flower) which i'm going to try to finish up tonight if i don't get a chance to see her.

[edit] big d called and told me that she's sleeping and that visiting hours are only until 8pm [/edit]

i had pizza at work for dinner because i gave a little talk to my boss' class visiting from my old faculty. it was weird!!! i had been in classes with some of these people last year and now i'm like, WORKING IN THE FIELD. bizzare-o.

the dotytron got buzzed with the independent thought alarm today and was hoppin' mad about it. the teacher told him she COULDN'T MARK HIS PAPER because he didn't adequately do what the assignment asked him to do. having read the assignment, i found it hella confusing. you tell me:

"immediately following participation in the event [they had to go as a group to an art event they wouldn't normally go to - the dotytron's group went to nuit blanche] you are required to meet as a group so that you can share you reflections on your experience with other members of your group. as a group you will generate TWO questions about some aspect of the experience that will help you explore what and how you learned from the form, content and nature of your experience of attending your group's selected arts event. the two questions will frame your written personal reflection (6 pages) commenting on your experience as a learning context and exploring the implications that address you in relation to your arts/teaching practice."

i read what he wrote, it was pretty decent. the teacher told him, "look, it was really well written and you gave a lot of great analysis, but i don't know HOW to mark this. i mean, this is the kind of stuff that **i** discuss with my colleagues"  lady!  who talks like that!?!???  

poor dotytron has now felt the sweet, censorious kiss of the independent thought alarm.  poor guy.  it's hard when it comes so late in life.  the independent thought alarm was the soundtrack of my childhood.  good thing i was too much of a pint-sized misanthrope to notice.

i just finished my mum's hat.  i hope she likes it.    i also finished this tudorian neck warmer thing the other day.  i'll post pictures tomorrow.


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