Monday, February 02, 2009

the crushing sting of defeat

so the non super bowl super bowl party totally turned into a more conventional super bowl super bowl because of the presence of one hebrew hammer who arrived at the party wearing a t-shirt that was festooned with the word "football!" AND who hasn't missed a super bowl in his whole life, and really, who am i to take that away from him?

so we watched it from beginning to end and by some lucky confluence of events, we managed to cobble together the OPTIMAL conditions for fun super bowl watching. some of the variables were planned: the food, the beer - even though i FORGOT THE CHEESE STICK AND JALEPENO POPPERS AT WORK!!!!!!! we still had way too much food though...between the nachos and the ribs, and the cupcakes, (we didn't end up touching the chili); some of the variables were completely fated: the combo of people who ended up showing up were amazing - my boyfriend, N, the hammer, and for a brief bit, aussie teammate R -; the fact that it was a really exciting, nail-biter of a game, with some historic super bowl moments and a crazy rally from the underdogs (whom we were rooting for, of course); and the fact that the hammer has this crazy knowledge of football ins and outs and trivia, and the added gift of being able to explain football to laypeople in an approachable and non-alienating way. somewhere in there, there were off-colour jokes told, discussions of newton's laws of thermodynamics, gossip, a discussion of the racist term "zipperhead" (which i had never heard before, and have since subsequently discovered through some group google that as far as the origins of racist terms go, is HELLA racist and really discomfiting), and general laughs and hijinks.

i think some of my dodgeball peeps didn't show because of some drama that went down at the game last monday, where two of my teammates walked off the court, mid-way through the game and left, due to some perceived malfeasance from our opponents. i've played quite a few games in my day and while the other team was pulling the classic "deflect-the-ball-onto-own-legs-and-not-go-out" routine (if you deflect the ball onto yourself, you're out.) it wasn't BLATANT and the two dudes on my team seem to have like, passive-aggressive issues...where they won't really stand their ground on the court and instead, complain to US about it, which does nothing but make me and N look away awkwardly and pretend we don't know what's going on. it's kind of hilarious. anyway, they walked off and left us there and then sent an email the next morning using inappropriate language in a non-reappropriating way and otherwise whinging and being babies about how they just couldn't take it, blah blah blah. so i sent a well crafted (hey, it's me!) response email basically telling them that when you walk off, you let your team down, and otherwise don't prove any point to the other team other than you got SHOOK. i just didn't have any patience for pandering to that crap. apparently then there were some sour grapes about that shiz after the fact, to other peeps on the team, even though most of the people agreed with me (but stayed silent, in a political move.) in other words, once again, the straight-talking loud mouth stick to her guns broad gets hung out to dry. le sigh.

in other news...i think i've become a pretty darn good dodgeball player. i need to work on getting my throws a little harder and more consistently accurate during the scramble, and i'm pretty middling at catching (totally have to beef up on that front...catching is the holy grail of dodgeball skills because it eliminates an opponent AND brings back a sidelined player from your team), but i've gotten good at the dodge and more than anything (and you can feel ready to insert your snickers here) i *THINK* dodgeball. in yesterday's game, i stopped play at one point when i was the last person on the court, after getting three people out in a row, and exclaimed (about myself!), "dudes, that was a SICK move!" lol!!!!!!! the amount of times i get hit out when i'm busy showboating after getting someone out is totally embarrassing but worth it for the laughs it generates.

tonight i ate leftover moroccan chickpea and squash stew with couscous and i'm treating myself to butterscotch pudding when i get home. unf unf!

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