Thursday, February 19, 2009

believe in the restorative power...

of pancetta. that's another credo.

this is going to be a shorty...i messed up my shoulder lifting weights (!!!!!) as part of my new regimen to turn back the hands of wii age time. actually, i've been doing it for two weeks (reluctantly). anyway, my shoulder is all messed up and i'm stiff and sore and consequently confronted what ended up being a rather busy day with a considerable amount of ill-will and disgruntled short temperedness.

anyway, we had our buddy A over for dinner. i really like him. i made carbonara pasta with penne picolo. like the subject line says: when in doubt, believe in the power of salty carbs to bring you round the horn. i added some peas, and gussied up the standard formula of egg and parmesan sauce with some onion and garlic sauteed in the pancetta fat. we had an olive garden salad alongside. now i'm treating myself to a night off. i'm going to watch "the reader" and knit and unplug.


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