Friday, January 23, 2009


so i just looked up the bridal shop, it's called "white toronto" (subtle!) it's all the big guns of bridal. reem acra, badgley mishka, lela rose, monique lhuillier, carolina herrera, and oscar de la renta. dr. rei and i are both predicting that we're going to get treated like crap.

my project management class looks like a cakewalk. the prof seems super nice, although he goes on tangents and is kind of an over-sharer. at one point his phone rang during class and he said that he wouldn't normally take the call or leave the phone on, but he'd just gotten his daughter out of a "really" (his words, not mine) abusive relationship the night before. HEAVY! it's a mid term, an exam, and then a group project, where you do a project charter and a project plan. easy! the class is 90% asians and brown people - all of whom seem serious about success. the hard part is going to be trying to convince my group that we should work on a FUN project and not the canned one the prof put up online for us. ideally, i kinda want to convince people that we should use my performance as a project. lol! it's called multi-tasking, people! plus, those are practical skills that most of the people in the class are going to use, or have used. we'll see. it's going to require considerable use of my persuasive charisma (aka...leadership skills!)

anyway, apparently there's a project management professional certification that i can get, which involves writing an exam (multiple choice), taking a course, and acquiring 4500 hours of project related experience. according to my prof, they're pretty liberal about what they consider project related experience. i figure that my job consists of micro projects, so i think i can just count my work experience towards it. if i'm going to take the classes, i might as well get the certification, as it has a certain degree of market value.

the pissy part, was that i left early, and showed up LATE for yoga class...which was super-annoying, so i didn't end up going. i didn't want to not get my money's worth, and be frazzled when i started. i was mad. so i came home, edited the dotytron's resume and cover letter, packed for markham, and ate 2 butter tarts, a glass of milk, and a bowl of light microwave popcorn, which is made substantially less light by the dotytron's insistent doctoring with melted butter and additional salt.

i've finished reading a TONNE of books lately. i'll post reviews shortly. in the meantime, after doing errands, it's all about prepping for biggie night with the goosetang clan! i'm super excited!


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